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Professor, Director, The School of Optometry
J.G. Sivak,1 LScO (Montreal), MS (Indiana), PhD (Cornell), OD (Pennsylvania College of Optometry), FAAO

Associate Professor, Associate Director
J.G. Strong, OD, MSc (Waterloo)

Lecturer, Undergraduate Officer
L. Sorbara, OD, MSc (Waterloo), FAAO

Professor, Undergraduate Officer
T.D. Williams, OD (College of Optometry of Ontario), MS, PhD (Indiana), FAAO, Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award

Associate Professors, Graduate Officers
W.R. Bobier, BSc (Queen's), OD, MSc (Waterloo), PhD (Cambridge), FAAO, MBCO
M.J. Doughty,1 BSc (London), MSc, PhD (Warwick), FAAO

Professor, Admissions Officer
M.G.E. Callender, BSc (Concordia), OD, MSc (Waterloo), MPhil (Aston), FAAO

Associate Professor, Admissions Officer
M.M. Spafford, OD, MSc (Waterloo), Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award

Lecturer, Clinic Director
R. Pace,2 OD (Waterloo), FAAO

Lecturer, Assistant Clinic Director
K. Hadley, OD (Waterloo)

Distinguished Professors Emeriti
E.J. Fisher, BA, MA (Toronto), DSc (Pennsylvania College of Optometry), FAAO*
W.M. Lyle, OD (College of Optometry of Ontario), MS, PhD (Indiana), FAAO*

W.K. Adrian,3 Dipl-Ing, Dr-Ing (TH Darmstadt), Dr habil, apl Professor (Karlsruhe), FIES, PEng
A.P. Cullen,4 Dip Opt (City University-London), MSc (Saskatchewan), OD (Pennsylvania College of Optometry), PhD (City University-London), FAAO, FBCO, DCLP
G.C. Woo, OD (College of Optometry of Ontario), MS, PhD (Indiana), LOSc (Melbourne), FVCO, FAAO, DipLV

Associate Professors
R.D. Beauchamp,5 BA (McMaster), MA, PhD (Brown)
M.C. Campbell,6 BSc (Toronto), MSc (Waterloo), PhD (ANU), FAAO, NSERC University Research Fellow
B.R. Chou, BSc (Toronto), OD, MSc (Waterloo), FAAO
D.Dilts,7 BS (California Polytechnic State University), MBA, PhD (Oregon)
J.G. Flanagan, BSc (Optom), PhD (Aston), Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept. of Ophthal, U. of T., MBCO, FAAO
D. Fonn, Dip Optom (S.A.), M Optom (NSW), FAAO
D.A. Ranney,8 BA, MD (Toronto), FRCS (England)
K.M. Robertson, OD, MSc, PhD (Waterloo), FAAO
R.D. Seim,9 BA (Queen's), PhD (Waterloo)

Assistant Professor
D.B. Elliott, BSc (Optom), PhD (Bradford), MBCO, FAAO
J.K. Hovis, OD, MS (Ohio State), PhD (Indiana), FAAO
B.E. Robinson, OD (Waterloo), MPH, PhD (Washington), FAAO

Research Assistant Professors
M. Atkinson, BSc (Western), MSc, PhD (Waterloo)
T. Simpson, Dip Optom (S.A.), MSc, PhD (Houston)

Assistant Professor (Part-time)*
B. Sivak,1 BPT (McGill), MSc, PhD (Waterloo)

D.B. Buck, OD (College of Optometry of Ontario), FAAO
M. Elliott, BSc (Optom) (Bradford), MSc (Waterloo), MBCO
P.K. Hrynchak, OD (Waterloo), FAAO
S.J. Leat, BSc (Optom) (UMIST), PhD (UWIST), FBCO
A.D. Plotkin, BS (Adelphi), BS, OD (Pennsylvania College of Optometry), MSc (Waterloo)
C.L. Prokopich, BSc, OD (Waterloo)
R. Wiggins, BS, OD (Indiana)

Adjunct Faculty
I. Baker, OD (College of Optometry of Ontario), FAAO
R.L. Beadles, BS (N.C. State University), MS (Pittsburgh)
R.L. Brilliant, BS (SUNY at New Paltz), BS, OD (Pennsylvania College of Optometry), FAAO
E. Ellis, BSc, MSc, PhD (Massachusetts)
H.A. Green, BS, OD (Pennsylvania College of Optometry)
B.A. Holden, BAppSc, LOSc (Melbourne), PhD (City University, London), DSc (SUNY), FAAO
C. Leahy, BA (Worchestor), MS (Berkeley), OD (New England College of Optometry)
T. Liu, BSc Med (Hons), MB, BS (Sydney), FRACP, FRCP(C)
R. Munger, BSc (Université du Québéc a Chicoutimi), MSc, PhD (Waterloo)
G. Orsborn, MSc, OD (Ohio State University)
J. Pekar, BA (Pennsylvania), MS (Georgetown), PhD (North Carolina)
A. Remole, BFA (Manitoba), OD (College of Optometry of Ontario), MS, PhD (Indiana), FAAO (Professor Emeritus)
B. Schumacher, MD (Toronto)
G. Trope, MB, Bch (S.A.). FRCS, PhD (Glasgow), FC Ophth (UK)
P.B. Waind, BSc (Toronto), MD (McMaster), FRCS(C)
C. Westall, BSc (City University), MSc (Indiana), PhD (Berkeley)
D. Whitaker, BSc, PhD (Bradford), MBCO
J. Wild, BSc (Optom) (City University, London), MSc, PhD (Aston), FBCO
B.P. Wilcock, DVM (Guelph), MS, PhD (Purdue)
M.E. Woodruff, OD (College of Optometry of Ontario), PhD (Indiana), FAAO (Professor Emeritus)
S.G. Zantos, BOptom, PhD (NSW), FAAO
S. Zigman, BA (Cornell), MS, PhD (Rutgers), FAAO


Faculty Members of Optometry holding cross appointments to:

1 Biology
2 Health Studies and Gerontology
3 Systems Design Engineering
4 Psychology
5 Physics

Faculty Members holding cross appointments to Optometry from:

6 Management Sciences
7 Kinesiology
8 Psychology
* Part-time Definite Term Appointment

Clinical Faculty - Part-time
W.B. Andrews, BA, OD (Waterloo), FAAO
A. Baldock, OD (College of Optometry of Ontario)
A. Bernardi, BSc, OD (Waterloo)
D.R. Bock, OD (Waterloo)
K. Burns, BSc (Western), OD (Waterloo)
K. Chhatwal, OD (Waterloo)
C. Dessureault, OD (Waterloo)
P. Devenny, BSc, OD (Waterloo)
J.L. Dippel, OD (Waterloo)
G. Gies, OD (Waterloo)
D.R. Goemans, OD (Waterloo)
P. Goemans, BSc (Hons), OD (Waterloo)
G.A. Grant, OD (College of Optometry of Ontario), FAAO
H. Kader, BSc, MSc (McGill), OD (Waterloo)
A. Karidas, BSc, OD (Waterloo)
R. Makaran, BSc (Western), OD (Waterloo)
C. Matyas, OD (Waterloo)
S.J.P. Monteiro, BSc, OD (Waterloo)
J. Newman, OD (Waterloo)
R.J. Scheid, OD (Waterloo)
S. Tait, OD (Waterloo)
R.J. Taricani, OD (Waterloo), FAAO
V. Timpano, OD (Waterloo)
J. Wilkinson, BSc (University of Kent at Canterbury), OD (Waterloo)
D. Williams-Lyn, BSc (Optom), MSc (UWIST, Cardiff), PhD (Aston), FAAO
R.L. Wilson, OD (Waterloo)
M. York, OD (Waterloo)
G. Young, OD (College of Optometry of Ontario)

School of Optometry Advisory Council

The School of Optometry Advisory Council was established in 1994 to provide liaison between the School of Optometry and its corporate supporters. Current council members are:
Keith Gordon, Alcon
Lorraine Johnson, Ciba Vision
Richard Kinch, Vistakon
Sheldon Kovensky, Allergan
Gary Orsborn, Bausch and Lomb
John Uhrig, K-W Optical