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Associate Professor, Department Chair
J.W. Van Evra, BA (Valparaiso), MA, PhD (Michigan State)

Associate Professor, Associate Chair and Undergraduate Officer
W.R. Abbott, BA (Kenyon), PhD (Ohio State)

Associate Professor, Associate Chair and Graduate Officer
J.A. Novak, BA (DePaul), PhD (Notre Dame)

E.J. Ashworth, BA, MA (Cambridge), PhD (Bryn Mawr), FRSC
F.F. Centore, BSc (Canisius), MA (Maryland), PhD (St. John's), J
R.A. George, MA, PhD (Michigan State)
L.L. Haworth, BA (Rollins), MA, PhD (Illinois), FRSC
B.P. Hendley, BA (Marquette), MA, PhD (Yale)
J.R. Horne, BA, MA (Western Ontario), BTh (Huron), PhD (Columbia)
A. Kerr-Lawson,2 BA (Toronto), MA (Chicago), PhD (McMaster)
J.F. Narveson, BA (Chicago), MA, PhD (Harvard), FRSC
D.D. Roberts, BA (Roosevelt), MA, PhD (Illinois)
P. Thagard,1 BA (Saskatchewan), BA, MA (Cambridge), MS (Michigan, Ann Arbor), MA, PhD (Toronto)

Associate Professors
C.G. Brunk, BA (Wheaton), MA, PhD (Northwestern), G
G.T. Campbell, BA (Western Ontario), PhL, PhD (Laval), J, Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award
D.T. DeMarco, BS (Stonehill, Mass.), MA, PhD (St. John's), J
R.H. Holmes, BA, MA (Montana), PhD (Washington)
A.C. Minas, BA, MA, PhD (Harvard)

Assistant Professors
R.A. Nutbrown,3 BA (Bishop's), MA, PhD (Carleton)
J. Wubnig, BA (Swarthmore), MA, PhD (Yale)


Faculty Member of Philosophy holding cross appointments to:

1 Computer Science and Psychology

Faculty Members holding joint appointments to Philosophy from:

2 Pure Mathematics
3 Political Science
'G' refers to
Faculty members at Conrad Grebel College

'J' refers to
Faculty members at St. Jerome's College