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Recreation and Leisure Studies

Professor, Department Chair
R.C. Mannell,3 BA (McMaster), MPE, PhD (Windsor)

Lecturer, Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies
A. Gilbert, BA, MA (Waterloo)

Associate Professor, Associate Chair, Graduate Studies
S.M. Shaw, BPE, MSc (Dalhousie), PhD (Carleton)

S.L.J. Smith,2 BA (Wright State), MA (Ohio State), PhD (Texas A&M)
G. Wall,4 BA (Leeds), MA (Toronto), PhD (Hull)
J. Zuzanek,1 MA (Moscow State University), CSc (Prague Institute of Sociology), PhD (Charles University, Prague)

Associate Professors
P. Eagles, BSc (Waterloo), MSc (Guelph), PhD (Waterloo), MCIP
M.E. Havitz, BSc, MSc (Michigan State), PhD (Texas A&M)
R. Johnson, BA, MA (Windsor), PhD (Minnesota)
R.E. McCarville, BSc, BEd, MRec (Acadia), PhD (Texas A&M)
A.M. Pedlar, BA (Wilfrid Laurier), MA, PhD (Waterloo)
B. Smale, BA, MA (Waterloo), PhD (Western Ontario)

Assistant Professor
L. Heywood, BA (North Dakota), MA (Florida State), PhD (Wisconsin)

Adjunct Faculty
E.M. Avedon, BSS (William and Mary), MA, EdD (Columbia)
D. Reid, MA, PhD (Waterloo)


Faculty Members of Recreation and Leisure Studies holding cross appointments to:

1 Sociology
2 Geography
3 Health Studies and Gerontology

Faculty Members holding cross appointments to Recreation and Leisure Studies from:

4 Geography