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Religious Studies

Associate Professor, Department Chair
M.W. Higgins,2 BA (St. Francis Xavier), MA, PhD (York), J

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Officer
J. Gollnick, BA (Marquette), MA, PhD (Toronto), P

M.S. Bird,1 BA, MA, PhD (Iowa), R
M.D. Bryant, BA (Concordia College), STB (Harvard), MA, PhD (St. Michael's), R
D.J. Sahas, BA (Athens), STM (Christian Theological Seminary), PhD (Hartford Seminary Foundation)

Associate Professors
R.D. Legge, BA (Transylvania), STB (Harvard), PhD (McMaster), P
M.T. Malone,3 BA (University College, Dublin), MA, PhD (Toronto), J, Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award
A.J. Reimer, BChEd (Canadian Mennonite Bible College), BA (Manitoba), MA (Toronto), PhD (St. Michael's), G
T. Yoder Neufeld, BA (Manitoba), MDiv, ThD (Harvard), G

Assistant Professor
L. Dawson,4 BA (Queen's), MA, PhD (McMaster)

C. Vanin-Bishop, BA (Waterloo), MDiv (Toronto), J

Adjunct Faculty
J. Fast, BA (Waterloo), MDiv (Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary), PhD (Boston University), G
P. Frick, BA (Waterloo), P


Faculty Members of Religious Studies holding cross appointments to:

1 Fine Arts
2 English
3 History

Faculty Members holding cross appointments to Religious Studies from:

4 Sociology
'G' refers to
Faculty members at Conrad Grebel College

'J' refers to
Faculty members at St. Jerome's College

'P' refers to
Faculty members at St. Paul's College

'R' refers to
Faculty members at Renison College