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Women's Studies

Associate Professor, Director
H.D. Lyons,1 BA (Columbia), MLitt, DPhil (Oxford)

Members of the Women's Studies Board
University of Waterloo

D.A. Counts, BS (W.S. Texas State University), MA (Kentucky), PhD (Southern Illinois)
A. Wipper, BA, MA (McGill), PhD (California, Berkeley)

Associate Professors
S. Vethamany-Globus, BSc, MA, MSc (Madras), PhD (Toronto)
M. Gutiérrez, BA, MA (McGill), PhD (Laval), Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award
B. Hyma, BS, MS (Madras), MA (Sheffield), PhD (Pittsburgh)
P.J. Naus, PhD (Nijmegan, The Netherlands)
C.A. Struthers, BMath, MMath, PhD (Waterloo)
N. Theberge, BA (Massachusetts), MA (Boston College), PhD (Massachusetts)

Assistant Professor
F. Easton, BA (British Columbia), MA, PhD (Princeton)

S. Bellingham, BA (Waterloo Lutheran), MLS (Western Ontario)


Faculty Member holding joint appointment with:

1 Anthropology