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Once admitted to the University, students are advised to preregister for their courses well in advance of the beginning of lectures. Preregistration is the process of choosing courses, having them approved by the appropriate advisor and recorded with the Registrar's Office before the start of classes. First-year students should preregister for courses and programs in consultation with an advisor in their faculty's Undergraduate Office; advanced-year students should select their courses on the advice of the Undergraduate Advisor for their major department. Students registering through Renison College or St. Jerome's College should select their courses with the appropriate advisor at their college. All students must preregister for courses as follows:

  1. Newly Admitted Students:
    As soon as possible after academic admission. Information regarding preregistration is forwarded when the student is admitted.

  2. Returning Students:

The above action will produce the "Student Schedule and Fee Statement" which will be mailed to the student prior to the start of classes.


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