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General Requirements

The admission requirements of Independent Studies are the same as the minimum General Admission Requirements of the University for full-time study. In addition to these requirements, students must have the academic potential and motivation to work independently.

Admission is determined by an Admission Committee which interviews applicants.

  1. Academic Potential
    Students must be able to do academic work at university level. Evidence of academic ability may be demonstrated by one or more of the following:
  2. Motivation
    Students must be so motivated that they can pursue their academic work independently. The committee would like evidence that an applicant has worked on her/his own projects outside of regular work or studies (i.e. started own business, built own computer, prepared original reports). Letters attesting to this motivation are important and should be specific, giving examples of projects undertaken.

Advanced Standing

If a student is transferring from another university or other post-secondary program or coming back to university as a mature student with some post-secondary academic background, prior credits obtained may reduce the time of enrollment required in I.S. to a minimum of four terms.

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