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BASc-BIS Combined Program

A joint BASc degree program in Engineering with a BIS program in Independent Studies is available. This program is designed for students who excel academically and would benefit from non-traditional modes of instruction.

A student in the combined program completes all requirements of the Engineering program in which he/she is enrolled and also the requirements for a degree in Independent Studies. The combined program requires time in addition to that required for completion of the BASc degree. However, by doing additional academic work during academic terms and co-op work terms, it may be possible to complete the combined degree in the time frame required to complete the BASc degree.

Admission to the combined program is after the 1B term in Engineering. Some clear indication of the student's ability to handle the Engineering program at a high level of proficiency is required before admission is considered. Admission could be delayed even further with the understanding of the student that additional time will be required to meet the joint degree requirements.

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