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Independent Studies

Independent Studies is a small undergraduate degree program which emphasizes individualized programs of study. Students in the program have the opportunity to determine the goals and methods of their studies. Methods can take the form of independent library or laboratory research, group discussions, seminars, courses, and/or field placement. Areas of study can include any of the humanities, fine and performing arts, social sciences, environmental sciences, health sciences, science, and mathematics, or applications of these areas where the University of Waterloo has faculty expertise to assist students.

Independent Studies students are encouraged to explore a variety of interests and develop a perspective beyond that of a single discipline. Similarly, students are encouraged to explore a number of methods which may provide a depth of perspective on a specific area.

Most credit courses offered at the University of Waterloo are available to Independent Studies students. However, students are encouraged to tailor their programs to their learning needs which for some may mean taking few if any courses.

The ability to ask a meaningful question, obtain information related to that question, synthesize that information, and communicate conclusions, are important life-long learning skills that are central to Independent Studies and are also valued by employers.

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