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Index of Course Descriptions

Accounting (ACC)
Actuarial Science (ACTSC)
Anthropology (ANTH)
Applied Mathematics (AM)
Architecture (ARCH)
Arts (ARTS)
Biology (BIOL)
Canadian Studies (CDN ST)
Chemical Engineering (CH E)
Chemistry (CHEM)
Chinese (CHINA)
Civil Engineering (CIV E)
Classical Studies (CLAS)
Combinatorics and Optimization (C&O)
Computer Science (CS)
Croatian (CROAT)
Dance (DANCE)
Drama and Speech Communication (DRAMA)
Dutch (DUTCH)
Earth Sciences (EARTH)
East Asian Studies (EASIA)
Economics (ECON)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (E&CE)
English (ENGL)
Environment and Resource Studies (ERS)
Environmental Engineering (ENV E)
Environmental Studies (ENV S)
Fine Arts (FINE)
French (FR)
General Engineering (GEN E)
Geography (GEOG)
Geological Engineering (GEO E)
German (GER)
Gerontology (GERON)
Greek (GRK)
Health Studies (HLTH)
History (HIST)
Independent Studies (IS)
Interdisciplinary Social Science (ISS)
Italian (ITAL)
Japanese (JAPAN)
Kinesiology (KIN)
Korean (KOREA)
Latin (LAT)
Latin American Studies (LATAM)
Management Sciences (M SCI)
Mathematics (MATH)
Mathematics Electives (MTHEL)
Mechanical Engineering (M E)
Middle East Studies (MES)
Music (MUSIC)
Native Studies (NAT ST)
Optometry (OPTOM)
Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS)
Personality and Religion (Studies in) (SIPAR)
Personnel Studies (PERST)
Philosophy (PHIL)
Physics (PHYS)
Planning, Urban and Regional (PLAN)
Polish (POLSH)
Political Science (PSCI)
Psychology (PSYCH)
Pure Math (PMATH)
Recreation and Leisure Studies (REC)
Religious Studies (RS)
Russian (RUSS)
Science (SCI)
Sexuality, Marriage and the Family (SMF)
Social Work (SOCWK)
Society, Technology and Values (STV)
Sociology (SOC)
Spanish (SPAN)
Statistics (STAT)
Systems Design Engineering (SY DE)
Ukrainian (UKRAN)
Women's Studies (W S)