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Studies in the French Language/Programme d'études en langue française


This certificat, available to students in all faculties, certifies that the student has successfully completed university courses, normally in disciplines other than French Studies, in which the language of the course, e.g., lectures, readings, discussions and written work, in French.

Students who live for an academic term in a French speaking milieu and are given transfer credit by their home department for courses taken while on an approved study program elsewhere may be eligible for a certificat in studies in the French language.

Upper level language and linguistic courses taught in the Department of French Studies may be considered for eligibility for a certificat.

The certificat d'iétudes en language française is administered under the auspices of the UW Interdisciplinary Program board and is granted when the University degree is awarded.

Certificat d'études en langue française

Level 1: Four term courses from an approved list, with a 65% average

Level 2: Seven term courses from an approved list, with a 65% average.

Students must pass a proficiency test in French before receiving the certificat upon graduation.

Further Information

For general information, contact the Director, Dr. C. Abbott, at St. Jerome's College. For information on the exchange program with the University of Paris, contact the Chair of the French Department.

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