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International Studies

The University of Waterloo is committed to International Studies through overseas study programs in a number of departments, through research associations with overseas universities, and through the personal commitments and associations of many faculty members. This Option capitalizes on this experience. It will lead students to an understanding of the world's diverse communities and of the cultural and political implications of achieving closer relations. The Program is expected to prove useful to those planning a career in the public service or in those parts of the private sector which have international interests. It should prove attractive also to those intending to teach in those disciplines in which new curricula are increasing the international component. Further, it will provide a background from which students might apply for admission to graduate programs in International Studies.


The Option is available to students registered in any Honours or equivalent program in any faculty. It requires completion of ten term courses drawn from an approved list of over 120; four of these should be completed in first and second years from a group of 15. Students are expected to achieve an average of 70% in their International Studies courses in order to have the Option recognized on their degree certificate.

Students taking the Option in International Studies are advised to contact the Director at their earliest opportunity, although formal registration in the program may be postponed until, but not later than, entry into third year.

With respect to the total number of courses permitted at any given level, students remain subject to the limitations imposed by the faculty and department in which they are registered.


Four courses must be taken from Group One, of which two must be at the 200-level. Six courses must be taken from Group Two, of which four must be outside the student's major department; four of the six must be at the 300- or 400-level.

Group One - Year One and Two

ECON 231 Introduction to international economics
ERS 231 Environmental issues in a global perspective
GEOG 206 The world region and world issues
HIST 130 The modern world in historical perspective
PSCI 281 International politics
SOC 232 Technology and social change
SOC 256 Ethnic and racial relations
PACS 201* Roots of conflict and violence
PACS 202* Conflict resolution
PSCI 102F* Politics in the third world
PSCI 102K* Mass political violence
PSCI 102N* The Politics of Nationalism and Ethnicity
RS 100A* Religions of the East
RS 100B* Religions of the West

* Students may use only one of these courses in each discipline to meet the requirements of four group One courses

Group Two - Years Three and Four

The list includes courses in Anthropology, Economics, Environment and Resource Studies, Environmental Studies, Geography, History, Middle East Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Science, Philosophy, Urban and Regional Planning, Religious Studies, Russian, Science and Sociology.

Further Information

Further information may be obtained from the Director, Prof. Geoffrey Hayes, Department of History, HH 109, ext. 5138.

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