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Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies Option is an Interdisciplinary Program designed for students in any faculty of the university who have an interest in Latin America and the Caribbean. The courses listed below are taught by instructors with research in the area or by those whose interests are in or moving towards that direction. The Latin American content may be total or partial depending on the discipline and instructor. All courses are regular 0.5 credit courses and count towards fulfillment of requirements for graduation.


Students must complete ten term courses from those listed below, of which at least six term courses must be selected from disciplines other than the student's Honours program. To graduate with the Latin American Studies Option indicated on the diploma, students must have an overall average of 65% in the Latin American Studies Option courses.


PACS 301A Liberation and Nonviolence in Latin America
PACS 302D The Roots of Violence in Central America
PSCI 102F Politics in the Third World
PSCI 350A Politics of the Developing Areas 1
PSCI 350B Politics of the Developing Areas 2
PSCI 453 /651 Comparative Politics of Latin America
PSCI 454/652 Comparative Politics II
SPAN 217 Latin American Civilization 1 (in English)
SPAN 218 Latin American Civilization 2 (in English)
SPAN 227 Survey of Latin American Literature 1 (in Spanish)
SPAN 228 Survey of Latin American Literature 2 (in Spanish)
SPAN 101 Language
SPAN 102 Language
SPAN 201A Language
SPAN 201B Language
SPAN 251A Language
SPAN 251B Language
SPAN 351A Language
SPAN 351B Language

Further Information

Please contact the Program Director, M. Gutiérrez, ext. 3658.

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