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Middle East Studies

The Middle East has played a vital role in the history of the world for millennia. Its past and present civilizations, languages, religions, cultures and scientific accomplishments have penetrated and become integral parts of Western civilization and culture. The Middle East continues to be a significant factor in world events today. For these reasons, the study of the Middle East remains an important and valuable academic activity.

The Middle East Studies Option provides students with an opportunity to explore the many aspects of Middle Eastern civilization, through an organized program including courses offered by Middle East Studies faculty, as well as an extensive selection of courses with Middle East content.

Students will normally enter the program in their second year, although appropriate courses taken during Year One can be applied to the Middle East Studies Option. Before preregistration, students should consult with the Director of the Middle East Studies Option and with the department involved to determine which courses will be available during the coming year.


  1. This option may be taken in combination with any general or honours program.
  2. A minimum of eight term courses are required for this Option. These courses are to be distributed as follows:
  3. To meet the graduation requirements a student must maintain a minimum of 65% average overall in the Option.

Middle East Studies Courses

MES 107A Introductory Standard Arabic
MES 200 Introduction to the Middle East
MES 300A-D Special Topics on the Middle East
MES 302A-D Directed Studies on the Middle East
MES 350A-D Travel Seminars in the Middle East

Middle East Content Courses

ANTH 224 Archaeology and Growth of Cultural Complexity
ANTH 321 Studies in Archaeology of Complex Cultures
CLAS 101 Colossus P the Major Figures of Ancient Greece
CLAS 102 Colossus P the Major Figures of Ancient Rome
CLAS 201 Ancient Greek Society
CLAS 202 Ancient Roman Society
CLAS 251 Greek History
CLAS 252 Roman History
CLAS 292 Women in Classical Antiquity
CLAS 301 Ancient Myth and Religion 1
CLAS 302 Ancient Myth and Religion 2
CLAS 371 Christianity and the Roman Empire
CLAS 373 The Fall of the Roman Empire
ECON 335 Economic Development
ENGL 202A The Bible and Literature 1
ENGL 202B The Bible and Literature 2
ERS 218 Introduction to Sustainable Environmental & Resource Systems
ERS 231 Environmental Issues in a Global Perspective
ERS 360 Man and Nature
ERS 361 International Communications System and Development
FINE 110 Introduction to World Art 1
HIST 102N Introduction to African History
HIST 210 History of Law
HIST 235 History of Christianity
HIST 237 Ancient Civilization 1
HIST 259 Modern African History
HIST 304 Medieval Church History
PACS 201 Roots of Conflict and Violence
PACS 202 Conflict Resolution
PACS 230 The Politics of Nonviolence
PHIL 329 War, Peace and Justice
PSCI 281 International Politics
PSCI 282 Foreign Policy
PSCI 384 Foreign Policies of Select Middle East States
RS 100B Religions of the West
RS 100E Biblical Studies 1
RS 100F Biblical Studies 2
RS 205 The Hebrew Prophets
RS 208 Parables of Jesus
RS 216 Islam
RS 217 Judaism
RS 306 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew
RS 310 The Sacred Book of Islam
RS 318 Islam and Christianity
RS 321 The History and Culture of the Orthodox Church
RS 334 Islamic Theology, Philosophy and Mysticism
SOC 256 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 333 Canadian Multiculturalism
W S 200 Introduction to Women's Studies

Other courses not included in this list may be relevant to the Middle East Studies Option. However, before registration to such courses, students should consult with the Director as to the suitability of these courses to fulfil the requirements of the MES Option.

Participating faculty members are listed in the section entitled "University Faculty".

Further Information

Please contact the Director, L.A. Curchin, ML 238, ext. 6883.

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