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Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) is an Interdisciplinary Program of study which may be chosen by students in conjunction with a major in some other department or in a General non-major program. It provides a course of study for those who have a special interest in the causes and conditions of international, intergroup, or interpersonal conflict, and in approaches to conflict resolution or management. PACS is especially appropriate for those considering careers in conflict resolution occupations (e.g. social work, community development, public administration, law and corrections, education, or politics). The program is administered by Conrad Grebel College in co-operation with participating departments in the University of Waterloo. The participating departments presently include Environment and Resource Studies, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Social Development Studies, and Sociology.



There are four different programs open to students participating in PACS: 1) General Program Option, 2) Honours Option, 3) Honours Minor and 4) Diploma. Successful completion of either of the first two permits the student to add the subtitle (Peace and Conflict Studies) to the name of the degree earned.

All students in the PACS program will take the PACS Core Courses (described in Chapter 16) as well as a specified number of RPACS Content CoursesS (listed below). If students are in a Major program they must fulfill all the requirements for the Major in their own department.

1. The General Degree Option (Peace and Conflict Studies)

The General Degree Option in Peace and Conflict Studies is available to all students in the Faculties of Arts and Environmental Studies. In addition to fulfilling the Major (normally including at least ten term courses in the Major field) or Non-Major requirements, the general degree student must meet the following PACS requirements:

2. Honours Option (Peace and Conflict Studies)

Students may choose straight or joint honours in any of the participating departments. Students are granted, upon completion of the program, an Honours BA or BES in their subject areas with the subtitle Peace and Conflict Studies.

In addition to fulfilling the degree requirements in the Major department, students must meet the following PACS requirements in their four-year period of study.

3. Honours Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies

A Minor in PACS is available to students pursuing an Honours degree in any faculty (including non-Arts faculties). The Minor consists of ten term courses chosen from among the courses approved for PACS credit in any department, and must include PACS 201, 202, 301, and 302.

4. Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies

This program is especially designed for full or part-time students who wish to explore issues of peace and conflict but who are not necessarily seeking a university degree or already hold such a degree. Requirements are the same as the General Degree Option: 4 PACS Core Courses and six PACS Content Courses. The cumulative average in these courses must be at least 65%

Peace and Conflict Studies Core Courses (PACS)

201 Roots of Conflict and Violence
202 Conflict Resolution
301A Liberation and Nonviolence in Latin America
301B Justice in Third World Development
301D Inter-National Conflict and Alternative World Orders
301E Societal Conflict in the former Soviet Union: Past and Present Trends
302A Community Conflict Resolution
302B Quest for Peace in Literature and Film
302C Creative Conflict Resolution in the Schools
302D The Roots of Violence in Central America
302E Global Development Education
302F Advanced Conflict Resolution in the Schools
499A/B Senior Honours Essay Seminar


Peace and Conflict Studies Content Courses Offered by Participarting Departments

The following PACS-related courses are offered by the participating departments and the PACS program under their own designations. Many of the 300- and 400-level courses have specific prerequisites. Students planning to pursue study in these upper level courses should use their electives wisely to ensure that the prerequisites for these courses are met. Additions or deletions may occur from time to time. Consult the complete PACS course descriptions.

Where a participating department has not designated a large enough number of courses to meet the requirements for the Honours Option in PACS, or where students find the list inadequate for their needs, students are encouraged to take the listed PACS Content Courses and/or to petition the PACS Administration to have specific courses accepted as PACS Content Courses. This should happen before registration in the course in question is finalized. Please consult the undergraduate officer for more information.

Environment and Resource Studies (ERS)

101 Issue Analysis and Problem Solving for Environmental Studies 2
231 Environmental Issues in Global Perspective
241 Introduction to Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
338 Social Impact Assessment
352 Current Issues in the Canadian North
401 Environmental Law

Geography (GEOG)

205 Africa
206 The World Regions and World Issues
225 Urbanization in the Third World
226 Rural Resources and Development in the Third World
326 Gender Roles and Development Alternatives in the Third World
332 Health and Disease in the Third World
425 Africa

History (HIST)

102C The Origins of Wars in the 20th Century
130 Modern World in Historical Perspective
206 History of Canadian Minorities
208 The Cold War: American-Russian Relations Since November, 1917
221 Race Relations in Canada: An Historical Perspective
222 History of Modern Revolutions
263 Europe: 1789-1945
325/326 History of Canadian Indians
345 Minorities in an International Perspective
348 Radical Reformation

Interdisciplinary PACS (PACS)

230 The Politics of Nonviolence
271 Introduction to Peace Research 1
272 Introduction to Peace Research 2
350 Canada and the Nuclear Crisis
390 A/B Field Studies in Peace and Conflict
398/399 Directed Readings in Peace and Conflict Studies

Philosophy (PHIL)

216 Rational Behaviour and Decision-Making
243 Conflict, Contract and Choice
327A Philosophy of Law 1
329 War, Peace, and Justice
422 Political Philosophy 1
423 Political Philosophy 2

Political Science (PSCI)

101A Introduction to Politics
102F Politics in the Third World
102K Mass Political Violence
102N The Politics of Nationalism and Ethnicity
225 Political Theory 1
226 Political Theory 2
281 International Politics 1
282 Foreign Policy
321 Marxist Theory
322 Marxism after Marx
350A The Politics of Developing Areas 1
350B The Politics of Developing Areas 2
380A World Politics 1
381 Foreign Policies of South Asian States
382 Politics of Canadian Foreign Policy
452 Comparative Civil-Military Relations USSR-Eastern Europe
453 Comparative Politics of Latin America
479 Violence in the Political Process
481 Research Seminar on World Politics
483 Power Politics and World Order Studies
484 Contemporary Strategies: Theories and Policies

Psychology (PSYCH)

235 Psychological Perspectives on Gender and Sex
253 Social Psychology
254 Interpersonal Relations
338 Organizational Psychology

Religious Studies (RS)

257 The Thought and Practise of Christian Peacemaking
263 Justice, Peace and Development
290 Gospel and Liberation
292 A/B Women in the Church
322 Radical Reformation
353 The Bible and Peace
354 War and Peace in Christian Theology

Social Development Studies

PSYCH 221R Interpersonal Interaction
SOC 327R Minority Status in Canadian Society
SOC 328R Canadian Ethnic and Cultural Minorities
SOCWK 355R Child Maltreatment: Identification and Treatment
SOCWK 357R Family Violence
SOCWK 390A/B Family Violence: Advanced Seminar

Sociology (SOC)

201 Victims and Society
206 Gender Roles
208 Education and Native Peoples
214 Class, Status and Power
222 Juvenile Delinquency
236 Social Movements
245 Interpersonal Communication
256 Ethnic and Racial Relations
265 Political Sociology
310 Seminar in Group Dynamics
325 Female Sexuality and the Law
333 Canadian Multiculturalism
342 Sociology of Industrial Relations
364 Social Change
370 Sociology of Law
378 Sociology of Women

Other PACS-Related Courses

The courses below, offered by non-participating departments, may be counted as content courses.
GER 381 Fascism in Germany: Holocaust and Resistance in Literature
MES 200 Introduction to the Middle East
PLAN 260 Urbanization in the Third World
PLAN 361 Special Topics in Development of the Third World
SY DE 433 Conflict Analysis

Participating faculty members are listed in the section entitled "University Faculty".

Further Information

Please contact the Director, R.J.R. Mathies, Conrad Grebel College, 885-0220.

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