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Personnel Studies

Personnel Studies is a Minor program which can be taken in conjunction with many existing Honours Majors or four-year General Major programs in Arts or Honours programs in other faculties. The program is designed to provide exposure to those academic disciplines which provide the theoretical background for current management practice. The program should be of interest to those students who wish to pursue further education in management, or to those who plan to begin a management or personnel career at the entry-level immediately after university.

This Minor program assumes that students will develop, in depth, an interest in a major academic field or course of study and then focus this interest by pursuing Personnel Studies. The Minor may be combined with a Co-operative program in order to obtain work experience in this field.

Students in the Arts Applied Studies Co-op Program may complete the requirements of the Personnel Studies Minor and tailor their work terms to this field to add a Personnel Studies Specialization to their Honours degree.

The program of study consists of ten half-course credits that may be completed at any point in the four-year term.


(Students should check course prerequisites when planning their program.)

1. Required Courses

ACC 121 or 123
M SCI 211 or PSYCH 338
PHIL 215

2. Areas of Competence

Before graduation, all students must demonstrate to the Director competence in university-level computing, report writing and statistics. This can be accomplished through some of the elective courses below, or by submitting other comparable evidence.

3. Elective courses

(four to be chosen)
CS 100
ENGL 210E or 210F
ECON 351
M SCI 311 or SOC 340
PSCI 331
SOC 241 or 243
A course in statistics (available in several departments).

Students may apply to the Director for the addition of other courses.

Further Information

Please contact Program Director, S.W. Kardasz, HH 240, ext. 2584.

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