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Print Journalism

Professional journalists need two types of knowledge. They need the technical skills to write or produce material for the mass media. And, in order to prepare well-grounded, analytical articles, they need a strong understanding of the world, its peoples, institutions, processes and problems.

The University of Waterloo and Conestoga College of Applied Arts and Technology offer a concurrent Bachelor's degree/Diploma in Journalism available to students in many faculties of the University of Waterloo. By fulfilling the requirements of both programs, students gain broad knowledge and depth in a major subject (at the General or Honours level) as well as the technical skills required for careers in print journalism.

The Faculties of Applied Health Sciences, Arts, Environmental Studies, Mathematics and Science participate in this concurrent program. The requirements of both the University of Waterloo degree and the Conestoga College Journalism Diploma have been combined to avoid duplication of course content and to permit completion of the two certificates normally within four (for the three-year General major student) or five (for the four-year General major or Honours student) years. This represents a reduction of one year were a student to complete the bachelor's degree and the diploma separately.

Students in the five participating faculties who are enrolled in General Major or Honours (Regular) programs in which ten term course electives required by the Journalism Option may be included, may apply for admission to the Journalism Option following completion of Year One. Decisions regarding admission to the Option will be made by the Option Academic Board, composed of members of the University and Conestoga College and including the Director of the Option. The Option will have a limited enrolment with intake numbers as determined by the Board.

The Journalism Option requires completion of a minimum 25 University of Waterloo courses (for the three-year General major) to 35 University of Waterloo courses (for the four-year General major or Honours), including ten term courses required for the Option (five basic courses and five specialization courses, and 71 to 75 hours of courses (normally completed in three semesters) plus a one-month work placement to complete the requirements of the Journalism Diploma at Conestoga College. The Journalism program at Conestoga College must be completed before the degree or the diploma will be conferred.

In consultation with the Director, students will proceed through the Option in their second through fourth or fifth years by choosing an appropriate pattern of study alternating terms at the University of Waterloo and at Conestoga College. It is expected that one of the following patterns will be ordinarily selected:

  1. University of Waterloo - Conestoga College - University of Waterloo: This pattern is suggested for honours students.
  2. University of Waterloo - Conestoga College: This pattern is suggested for general students.

Option Requirements

  1. Faculty and departmental academic requirements of the student's general major or honours program (with up to five term courses being waived in recognition of the Conestoga College component of the Option).
  2. 5 term courses from the University of Waterloo designed to provide the basic skills and background knowledge required for journalism, as follows:

    CS 100 Introduction to Computer Usage (or other courses approved by the Faculty of Mathematics)
    MTHEL 102 The Uses and Abuses of Statistics
    PHIL 145 Critical Thinking

    One of:
    CDNST 201 Social Regionalism
    PSCI 260A Canadian Government and Politics 1
    SOC 221 Canadian Society

    One of:
    PSCI 102M Contemporary Issues in Canadian Public Policy
    ECON 101 Introduction to Microeconomics
    ECON 102 Introduction to Macroeconomics

    A student must achieve an average in the 5 term-course requirements of at least 65%.

  3. A five-term-course specialization in a specific subject area. Ordinarily this requirement would be met by the student's major but may also be met by a set of five term-courses approved by the University of Waterloo Director of the Option. A student must achieve an average in the five term-course specialization of at least 65%.
  4. Completion of the Conestoga College journalism program with a standing of B. See course requirements below. Students may have to exceed the minimum requirements of the Option in order to satisfy departmental and faculty requirements. A list of recommended courses will be maintained by the UW Program Director. The Director will be able to substitute courses if the need arises.

Course Requirements - Conestoga College

Semester 1                    Hours/Week
Journalism A                           5
Basic Photography                      4
Typing                                 1
Word Processing                        2
Graphics - Journalism                  3
Newspaper Production A                 5

Semester 2                    Hours/Week
Journalism B                           5
Press Photography                      4 
Desktop                                5
Newspaper Production B                10

Semester 3                    Hours/Week
Journalism C                           5
Newspaper Production C                 5
One of: Writing for Broadcast          5
Magazine Production                    5
Newspaper Production                   5

Also: (in any order)          Hours/Week
(if not part of UW curriculum)         3
Media Studies                          3
Interviewing                           2
Advertising                            1
Public Relations                       2
Freelance Workshop                     3
Special Projects                       1
One month Work Term upon completion of all courses.

Further Information

Please contact the Director of Print Journalism, A. Ages, ML 335, ext. 2181.

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