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Studies in Personality and Religion (SIPAR)

Studies in Personality and Religion (SIPAR) is an Interdisciplinary Program which may be chosen by students in conjunction with a major in any department. It provides a course of study for those who have a special interest in the relationship between religious growth and human development. The SIPAR Option is also appropriate for those considering careers in the ministry or other social service oriented vocations. The program is administered by St. Paul's College in co-operation with an advisory committee representing four UW departments P Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies and Sociology.

Core Courses

The core courses provide an introduction to the field and give students a base of knowledge, a familiarity with the subject and an understanding of the concepts involved.

There are six term courses in the core program; Psychology of Religion (SIPAR 270) examines the variety of religious experience from a psychological point of view; Personality and Religion (SIPAR 271) examines personality theory and its relationship to religious development and growth; Seminar on Selected Topics in Personality and Religion (SIPAR 302) involves the study of how the disciplines of philosophy, sociology,and religious studies have come to know and understand human behaviour; Psychology of Religion in Historical Perspective (SIPAR 372) provides an historical survey of theories on the relationship between personality and religion; Aging as Spiritual Journey (SIPAR 378) studies issues related to the aging process from a spiritual perspective; and Carl Jung's Theory of Religion (SIPAR 380) examines the role of religion in Jung's personality Theory.



There are two options available: the first is open to students in a General program; the second, to students in an Honours program only.


General Program

A SIPAR Option may be earned by students in a General program majoring in one of the sponsoring disciplines.


Honours Minor

A Minor in SIPAR is available to students pursuing an Honours degree in any Faculty and to students taking the four year General degree in Arts.

Each of the participating departments has designated certain course offerings as SIPAR-content courses. Many 300- and 400-level courses have specific prerequisites. Students planning to take these upper-level courses should use their elective courses wisely to ensure that the prerequisites are met.


Core Courses

(Consult the complete "SIPAR Course Descriptions")

SIPAR 270 0.5
Psychology of Religion

SIPAR 271 0.5
Personality and Religion

SIPAR 302 0.5
Seminar on Selected Topics in Personality and Religion

SIPAR 372 0.5
Psychology of Religion in Historical Perspective

SIPAR 378 0.5
Aging as Spiritual Journey

SIPAR 380 0.5
Carl Jung's Theory of Religion


Courses Offered by Participating Departments

The study of selected courses offered by participating departments will either broaden the student's comprehension of the field or permit a deeper understanding of some particular aspect of it.

The actual combination of courses selected is subject to approval by the SIPAR advisor.

Religious Studies (RS)

100C Religious Quests
200 Study of Religion
221 Sects, Cults and Religious Movements
236 Human Sexuality and Christian Morality
292 Women in the Church
370 Dreams in Religious Experience
371 Religion and Suicidal Behaviour
375 Religion and Psychotherapy

Psychology (PSYCH)

211 Developmental Psychology
254 Interpersonal Relations
334 Theories in Counselling Psychology
355 Personality Theory
357 Psychopathology

Philosophy (PHIL)

102C Philosophy of Life
201 Love
202 Philosophy of Women and Men
210J Philosophy of Human Nature
236 Magic, Mysticism and the Occult
237 Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
318J Philosophy of the Family

Sociology (SOC)

102 Social Problems
204 Sociology of Adolescence
206 Gender Relations
209 Family Origin and Personal Identity
233 Social Psychology of Beliefs and Attitudes
234 Social Psychology and Everyday Life
247 Death and Society
264 Sociology of Religion

Gerontology (GERON)

208 The Literature of Aging
344 Sociology of Aging

Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS)

201 Roots of Conflict and Violence
202 Conflict Resolution
302A Community Conflict Resolution

Sexuality, Marriage and the Family (SMF)

202A/B Introduction to Marriage and the Family
303A/B Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy

Social Development Studies Interdisciplinary
Social Science (ISS)

220R Changing Concepts of Childhood
320R Critical Encounter with Human Nature
350D Adult Life Crises and Events
350H Values and the Contemporary Family

Further Information

Please contact Dr. James Gollnick, Director, St. Paul's College, 885-1460.

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