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Society, Technology and Values

No matter where one looks, there is growing interest in the human context of science and technology. Courses in Society, Technology and Values are designed to help students come to grips with many of the major questions we face in a sophisticated technological society.

STV courses have traditionally attracted students from all faculties. They do not require a scientific or technical background. Engineering students should note that the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) now requires that all Engineering undergraduates receive some instruction in the Impact of Technology on Society. Courses offered by the Centre for Society, Technology and Values (CSTV) are specifically designed to meet this requirement.

The Option and courses, which are administered by the UW Centre for Society, Technology and Values, are open to students in all UW faculties. Students whose schedules do not permit taking the entire Option are invited to take individual courses. STV lecture courses are scheduled in the evening.


The STV Option consists of six courses in three categories:

Category 1: Students must begin with either:
STV 100 Society, Technology and Values: Introduction
STV 202 Design and Society
Both are introductory level courses, offered in the evening, with no pre-requisites.

Category 2: Four courses are chosen by the student in consultation with the Centre for Society, Technology and Values to form a "Theme Package." These courses may be drawn from any UW offerings including other STV courses.

Category 3: The Option culminates with STV 400 Society, Technology and Values: Senior Project, an approved independent supervised research project of the student's choice.

Students must maintain a minimum overall average of 65% in the six courses to receive the "Society, Technology and Values Option" designation on the graduation diploma.

Further Information

Please contact the Centre for Society, Technology and Values, DC 2722, ext. 6215.

Acting Director and Option Co-ordinator: Prof. S.C. Lerner

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