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Inter Departmental Program

The purpose of this program is to provide students in the Faculty of Mathematics with breadth of studies at the Honours level. Students who do not enrol in a departmental or Faculty Honours program must satisfy the requirements of the Inter-Departmental Program if they wish to graduate with a BMath Honours degree.

Honours Mathematics: Inter-Departmental Program

In conjunction with the common degree requirements in Table I in "Degree Requirements", this program requires at least 26 math half-credits. The 300- and 400-level math half-credits presented for a degree may not include more than six with the same prefix. These overall requirements must include the Faculty core courses outlined in Table II in "Degree Requirements" and the following courses:

All of
AM 250 Modelling with Ordinary Differential Equations
AM 343 Discrete Models in Applied Mathematics

All of
C&O 230 Introduction to Combinatorics
C&O 350 Linear Programming

All of
CS 230 Introduction to Computers and Computer Systems

One of
CS 334 Data Types and Structures
CS 337 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
CS 338 Computer Applications in Business: Databases
CS 430 Applications Software Engineering

One of
PMATH 330 Introduction to Mathematical Logic
PMATH 340 Elementary Number Theory
PMATH 360 Geometry

One of
STAT 331 Applied Linear Models
STAT 332 Sampling
STAT 333 Applied Probability

Two of
AM 231 Calculus 4
AM/PMATH 331 Real Analysis
AM/PMATH 332 Complex Analysis

Two of
C&O 330 Combinatorial Enumeration
PMATH 334 Introduction to Rings and Fields
PMATH 336 Introduction to Group Theory
STAT 430 Experimental Design

Two additional 400-level math half-credits with 300-level prerequisites.

Students in the Faculty Inter-Departmental Honours program may not pursue a Minor designation or Joint/Double Honours program within the Faculty of Mathematics. However, they are encouraged to pursue a Minor or Joint Honours program with an academic discipline in another faculty.

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