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Three-Year General Program: Requirements

Who is Eligible?

This version of the General Program was implemented starting with students admitted to the Faculty in the Fall term 1993. Students who were registered as degree candidates in the Faculty prior to Fall 1993 will be required to satisfy earlier three-year General Program requirements as outlined in the 1992/93 Undergraduate Calendar.

In conjunction with the degree requirements in Table I in "Degree Requirements", this program requires a total of 30 half-credits, including at least 16 math half-credits and a minimum of ten non-math half-credits. The math half-credits must include the following:

The nine General core courses
MATH 107 Calculus 1
MATH 108 Calculus 2
MATH 125 Applied Linear Algebra 1
MATH 126 Applied Linear Algebra 2
C&O 227 Introduction to Optimization Models
CS 112 Introduction to Computer Programming
CS 212 Programming Principles and Practice
STAT 220 Introduction to Statistical Methods 1
STAT 221 Introduction to Statistical Methods 2

Seven of
ACTSC 221 Mathematics of Investment
AM 250 Modelling with Ordinary Differential Equations
AM 343 Discrete Models in Applied Mathematics
C&O 220 Introductory Combinatorics
CS 230 Introduction to Computers and Computer Systems
CS 330 Management Information Systems
CS 334 Data Types and Structures
CS 338 Computer Applications in Business: Databases
PMATHJ330 Introduction to Mathematical Logic
PMATHJ340 Elementary Number Theory
PMATHJ360 Geometry
STAT 321 Applied Regression Analysis
STAT 322 Application of Sampling Surveys

For math course selection, students registered in the General program may enrol only in courses in the above list and in the General core courses.


  1. Advanced or Honours courses may be used in lieu of General courses to satisfy General degree requirements, provided that the courses were taken while registered in an Honours program.
  2. MATH 135 may be substituted for one of the courses on the "seven of" list, provided that the course was taken while registered in an Honours program.

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