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Mathematics/Teaching Option

The Co-operative Mathematics Teaching Option is an integrated program offered jointly by the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo and the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Ontario. This program combines an academic program in mathematics, teaching experience in secondary schools, and professional training, with the graduate fully qualified as a secondary school mathematics teacher in Ontario.

Students interested in the program should enrol in the Mathematics Honours Co-operative Program in Year One, and will be considered for admission to the Teaching Option in Year Two on the basis of two interviews and satisfactory academic and work-term performance.

Work-term arrangements in this Option differ from other Co-operative programs because of the nature of the program. (Consult the "Work-Study Sequence" ) Details concerning this and the Faculty of Education component are available from the Academic Advisors or the Co-ordinator for this Option.

Honours Mathematics/Teaching Option (Co-operative only)

In conjunction with the common degree requirements in Table I in "Degree Requirements", this program requires at least 24 math half-credits. The math half-credits submitted for the degree must include at least eight 300- or 400-level math half-credits, and students are encouraged to gain as much mathematical breadth as possible. These overall requirements must include the Faculty core courses outlined in Table II in "Degree Requirements" and the following courses:

All of
ACTSC 221 Mathematics of Investment

One of
AM 250 Modelling with Ordinary Differential Equations
AM 343 Discrete Models in Applied Mathematics

All of
C&O 230 Introduction to Combinatorics
C&O 350 Linear Programming

One of
C&O 380 Mathematical Discovery and Invention
C&O 480 History of Mathematics

All of
CS 230 Introduction to Computers and Computer Systems

One of
CS 330 Management Information Systems
CS 334 Data Types and Structures
CS 337 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
CS 338 Computer Applications in Business: Databases
CS 430 Applications Software Engineering
CS 436 Distributed Computer Systems

One of
AM/PMATH 331 Real Analysis
AM/PMATH 332 Complex Analysis

One of
PMATH 334 Introduction to Rings and Fields
PMATH 336 Introduction to Group Theory

One of
PMATH 330 Introduction to Mathematical Logic
PMATH 340 Elementary Number Theory
PMATH 360 Geometry

One of
STAT 331 Applied Linear Models
STAT 332 Sampling
STAT 333 Applied Probability

All of
MTHEL 206A Introduction to Mathematics Education
SOC 207 Sociology of Education

Recommended non-math half-credits include
PSYCH 212 Educational Psychology
PSYCH 213 Exceptional Children
PHIL 311 Philosophy of Education 1
PHIL 312 Philosophy of Education 2
MTHEL 102 Uses and Abuses of Statistics


  1. Successful completion of the academic requirements for any of the Departmental Honours programs 'X' in the Faculty of Mathematics will be accepted as a replacement for the math course requirements listed above. Students who elect this option will be designated by a program label such as "Honours 'X'/Teaching Option" rather than "Honours Math/Teaching Option". (Since 3B and 4B courses are not normally offered in the Spring term, it will be difficult to satisfy this alternative.)
  2. The Bachelor of Education requirements are completed during a four-month academic term at the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Ontario in London. This term occurs after all other components of the program have been completed.
  3. The selection of courses required for the BMath Teaching Option must include a second teaching subject in one of the following disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, General Science, or Physics. Six half-credits are required to qualify for a second teaching subject, except for Computer Science, which requires only four half-credits.

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