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Degree Requirements

The degree requirements described below apply only to students whose initial registration as BMath degree candidates was Fall/94 or later.

Table I - Degree Requirements Common To All BMath Programs

                           Four-Year Honours               Three-Year General 
Requirements               Programs                        Programs

Minimum total half credits 40 30
Minimum math half-credits 20 - 28 16
Minimum non-math half-credits ten ten
Minimum Cumulative Average (CAV) 60% 60%
Minimum Major Average (MAV) 65% not applicable
Maximum total failures allowed four half-credits eight half-credits
Maximum course attempts allowed 50 half-credits 40 half-credits
Minimum number of complete terms four none
Minimum number of full-time terms eight, including the four none complete terms required above
English Writing Skills All BMath degree candidates must satisfy an English Writing Skills Requirement. See below.
The terms used in Table I are explained below.

Math half-credit - A course with one of these prefixes: ACTSC (Actuarial Science), AM (Applied Mathematics), C&O (Combinatorics and Optimizations), CS (Computer Science), MATH (non-departmental Faculty courses), PMATH (Pure Mathematics), and STAT (Statistics).

Non-math half-credit - Courses with the prefix MTHEL and those courses offered by other faculties.

Major Average - See sections 2 and 4 in "Faculty Policies".

Cumulative Average - See sections 1 and 3 in "Faculty Policies".

Course Attempt - Any course registration not formally cancelled with the Registrar's Office.

Complete Term - A term in which a student successfully completes at least five half-credits, at least two of which must be math, with no failures that term.

Full-time Term - A term in which a student is enrolled in at least three half-credit courses.


First-Year English Writing Skills Requirement

Any student in the Faculty of Mathematics must satisfy the following Writing Skills Requirement before enrolling in Year 2:

+ Exemptions for students from jurisdictions outside Ontario will be considered on an individual basis by the Admissions Committee.


  1. Students who arrange a special sitting of the ELPE outside the scheduled dates will be assessed an administrative charge.
  2. The entry ARTS 000 with a Credit (CR) grade on a student's grade report will indicate successful completion of this requirement.


No-Credit/Overlap Courses

There are some restrictions on course selection for obtaining credit toward a BMath degree. Before enrolling in a course, students should check the Faculty of Mathematics "No-Credit List" and "Course Overlap List" in the most recent "Math Students' Handbook" to determine whether or not the course will count towards their BMath degree. This handbook is published each September and is available from the Math Undergraduate Office. See section 13.4 in "Faculty Policies" for further details.


Table II - Required Faculty Core Courses - Honours Programs

MATH 135	(or MATH 145)	Algebra
MATH 136	(or MATH 146)	Linear Algebra 1
MATH 235	(or MATH 245)	Linear Algebra 2
MATH 137	(or MATH 147)	Calculus 1
MATH 138	(or MATH 148)	Calculus 2
MATH 237	(or MATH 247)	Calculus 3
STAT 230	(or STAT 240)	Probability
STAT 231	(or STAT 241)	Statistics
CS 134		                Principles of Computer Science
One of
  CS 130	Concepts of Computer Programming
  CS 230	Introduction to Computers and Computer Systems
  CS 246	Software Abstraction and Specification

  1. The MATH and STAT core courses are offered at two levels: Advanced and Honours. The Advanced courses are more challenging than the Honours courses. The Advanced course numbers are listed in brackets in Table II above.
  2. Most students will take CS 130 in their 1A term, followed by CS 134 in their 1B term. However, students with extensive programming experience will take CS 134 in their 1A term followed by CS 246 or CS 230 in their 1B term.
  3. The three algebra and three calculus courses are normally taken in sequence in the 1A, 1B, and 2A terms. The two STAT courses are normally taken in the 2A and 2B terms.


Responsibility For Meeting Degree Requirements

Students are responsible for being aware of all regulations pertaining to their programs of study. When all requirements for a particular BMath degree have been met, it is each student's responsibility to submit a completed RIntention to GraduateS form to the Registrar's Office.


Honours Fallback Provision

Students who satisfy all the conditions below, but do not satisfy the cumulative major average requirement and/or the complete term requirement for an Honours degree, will be eligible for a three-year BMath General degree:

  1. all course requirements for a specific Honours program;
  2. cumulative average (CAV) at least 60%;
  3. failed half-credits at most six;
  4. half-credit course attempts at most 50.

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