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Minor in Computer Science

A 'Minor in Computer Science' is available for Honours students in faculties other than Mathematics. This Minor requires a total of ten half-credits, with a minimum average of 60%, which must consist of:

One half-credit Calculus course

One half-credit Algebra course

One of
CS 102 Introduction to Programming for Scientific Applications
CS 112 Introduction to Computer Programming

All of
CS 212 Programming Principles and Practice
CS 230 Introduction to Computers and Computer Systems
CS 334 Data Types and Structures

Four of
CS 330 Management Information Systems
CS 337 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
CS 338 Computer Applications in Business: Databases
CS 430 Applications Software Engineering
CS 432 Business Systems Analysis
CS 436 Distributed Computing Systems
CS 457 System Performance Evaluation


  1. Students who have significant experience programming in a language such as Pascal, C, or Turing will be permitted to substitute a third- or fourth-year CS course from the above "Four of" list for CS 102 or CS 112.
  2. Students do not officially register for a Computer Science Minor. Such students register in the appropriate Honours program and request an official Computer Science Minor designation when they complete an 'Intention to Graduate' form.
  3. Non-CS majors are permitted to take a maximum of one Computer Science course per term during years one and two and two CS courses per term during years three and four.

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