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Academic Programs and Degree Requirements

General Programs

Three-Year General Program

The three-year General program allows students to specialize to a limited extent in a particular subject area or to pursue a broad range of Science subjects. However, students graduate with the "General Science" degree with no area of specialization designated.

Students must maintain an overall cumulative average of 55% and a cumulative average of 55% in all Science courses to be able to continue in Years Two and Three of the General Science program. Students are encouraged to take at least 2.0 credits from non-science areas, such as Arts or Mathematics. Normally, 5.0 lecture credits are taken per year.

In order to graduate with a three-year General degree, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Successful completion of 15.0 credits with a cumulative overall average of 55% and 55% in all Science courses. Of the 15.0 credits:
  2. No more than 3.0 SCI credits may be applied to the three-year General degree.
  3. No more than 5.0 failed credits will be allowed.
  4. A minimum of 3.0 lecture credits must be obtained per academic year, with no more than 2.0 failed credits allowed.

Year One
5.0 lecture credits, and associated laboratory credits.
At least two of (a), (b), (c) or (d) must be taken:
a) BIOL 111/112, or two 200-level term Biology courses;
b) EARTH 121/122 plus labs;
c) CHEM 120/123 plus labs or CHEM 121/125 plus labs;
d) PHYS 111/112 plus labs or PHYS 121/122 plus labs.
It is recommended that the required Mathematics credit be taken in Year One.

200-level Biology courses used to satisfy Year One Science requirements may not be used to satisfy upper year requirements.
Years Two and Three
5.0 credits of which two or three should normally be in Science.
  1. A student required to withdraw from an Honours program in Chemistry who enrols in the General program is permitted to take no more than two lecture courses in Chemistry during the first term of study as a General degree student.
  2. General program students may not take Honours Chemistry core courses. Nor may they take 400-level courses and certain 300-level courses without the consent of the instructor.

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