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The Honours Psychology BSc program is intended for students who want to apply knowledge gained in biology, chemistry and physics to problems in neuropsychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, developmental and clinical psychology, and related disciplines, or who plan to seek professional training in medicine, perhaps with specialization in neurology, psychiatry or pediatrics. A strong background in the "natural science" areas of psychology would complement one's preparation for research or graduate work in these fields of study.

Students interested in Honours Psychology will normally be admitted at the beginning of their second year based on their academic performance in Year One, as specified below. Application for admission to Honours Psychology is made at the time of preregistration for Year Two. Normally, only students whose Year One Science average is at least 60% and whose Psychology average is at least 75% will be admitted. Owing to resource limitations, however, fulfilment of the minimum entrance average requirements will not guarantee students admission to Honours Psychology, and a higher Psychology average may be required for admission. In order to remain in good standing in Honours Psychology, students must maintain a cumulative average of at least 60% in the Faculty of Science courses and a cumulative average of at least 75% in the Psychology courses. Conditional status for one academic term only may be granted to students who fall below these criteria.

In order to graduate in Honours Psychology, students must successfully complete 23.0 credits including:

  1. The Year One program as listed in the Recommended Course Sequence below.
  2. The Psychology requirements (8.5 credits) as given for the Honours Psychology BA program listed on page 9:38.
  3. A total of 5.0 Science credits over Years Two to Four including:

Recommended Course Sequence 4

Year One
Two 200-level term courses in Biology
CHEM 120/123, 120L/123L
PHYS 111/112,111L/112L or 121/122,121L/122L
MATH 107/108
PSYCH 101, and one of 207, 211, 253, 257, 261

Year Two
PSYCH 291/292 1
Three of 207, 211, 253, 257, 261
Four Science Electives (2.0 credits)
Three Unspecified Electives (1.5 credit)

Year Three
PSYCH 391 1
One of 207, 211, 253, 257, 261
One Natural Science Research Course from PSYCH 392 2, 394, 396, 398
One Social Science Research Course from PSYCH 392 2, 393, 395, 397
One Natural Science Advanced PSYCH 3
One Social Science Advanced PSYCH 3
Four Science Electives (2.0 credits)
Two unspecified Electives (1.0 credit)

Year Four
Three PSYCH Electives
One Honours Seminar in PSYCH
Two Science Electives (1.0 credit)
Four Unspecified Electives (2.0 credits)


  1. When applying for admission to Honours Psychology, students who have already completed a research methods course and/or a statistics course should check the list of overlapping courses on page 9.7 Item 7 and consult with the Psychology Undergraduate Office.
  2. Students may not use PSYCH 392 to satisfy both the Natural Science and Social Science Research Requirements. Students not doing an Honours Thesis may substitute PSYCH 465 (Applied Apprenticeship) or PSYCH 466 (Education Apprenticeship) for one of the third year Research Requirements.
  3. Advanced PSYCH courses are those not used to fulfill other Psychology requirements and which have prerequisites beyond the 100-level. Advanced PSYCH courses are designated as Natural Science or Social Science in the course descriptions.
  4. Students entering the Honours Psychology Program in Year Three should consult the Psychology Undergraduate Office for further information.


An Honours Thesis (PSYCH 499A/B/C) is recommended for students who are 1) considering graduate or professional programs that may require a completed honours thesis for admission, or 2) who have a strong interest in, and commitment to, conducting original research. PSYCH 499A/B/C may substitute for the three PSYCH electives listed in Year Four above. Students doing an Honours Thesis may not substitute PSYCH 465 (Applied Apprenticeship) or PSYCH 466 (Education Apprenticeship) for one of the third year Research Requirements.

Honours Psychology Co-operative Program

Students who have been accepted to the Honours Psychology program may apply for admission to the Co-op program in November of Year Two. Admission is limited and is based on academic standing and space availability. For those accepted, the first work term will be at the end of Year Two. Students then alternate between academic terms and paid work terms to the end of the degree program. Please refer to the Psychology Undergraduate Handbook for further details about the Co-op program.

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