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Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science consists of four departments: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Physics, and the School of Optometry.

Since the first students were enrolled in Fall, 1959, the Faculty has grown to 2300 undergraduates and 375 graduate students pursuing full-time studies, and another 1400 undergraduate and graduate students in part-time studies.


The degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc) is awarded on the successful completion of the three-year General and four-year Honours programs. The degree Doctor of Optometry (OD) is awarded upon the successful completion of a four-year professional program.


Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Physics programs are available in both the Regular and Co-operative system of study. In the Co-operative system, students alternate four-month study terms on campus with four-month work terms in industry, business or government, in an area related to their studies.

The Faculty of Science also offers Honours Science and Business (Co-op or Regular) and Environmental Science (Co-op or Regular) programs, and four-year Honours and a three-year General non-specialized program. In addition, an Honours BSc in Psychology is offered in co-ordination with the Department of Psychology. A small number of students may be accepted into the BSc Psychology program in the Co-operative system of study.

Graduate programs leading to the degrees of MSc and PhD are discussed in the University of Waterloo Graduate Studies calendar.

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