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Bookstore and UW Shop

The University Bookstore in South Campus Hall not only provides students with all required textbooks but carries over 25,000 titles in general books including Computer books, Humour, Science Fiction, etc. Special order service for books not generally stocked is provided at no charge. If a title is in print, we can almost always order it. The Stationery Department carries computer supplies, electronic supplies, engineering and art supplies and general stationery supplies.

Located across from the Bookstore, the UW Shop's distinctive crested merchandise is designed to reflect the spirit and tradition of UW. All visitors are welcome to the store and we encourage browsing in each of the specialty areas such as backpacks, jackets, graduation gifts, casual wear and the new UW Kids corner. We carry a large selection of greeting cards, calendars and magazines. Ask for a copy of the Graduation Ring brochure and UW Shop gift brochure.

Pricing Policy

The Bookstore sells required textbooks at discounted prices.

Refund Policy

TEXTBOOKS AND CUSTOM PUBLISHED MATERIALS: Price will be refunded in full during the first two weeks of each term if the book and custom published material is in mint condition and a sales receipt is presented. After the last official Drop/Add Date, custom published materials connot be returned.

GENERAL BOOKS AND STATIONERY: Price will be refunded in full up to 72 hours from date of sale. The item must be in mint condition and a sales receipt presented.

UW SHOP: Regular priced merchandise accepted for exchange or refund if the item is in mint condition and a sales receipt presented. Special orders and reduced sale priced merchandise are not accepted for returns.

Bookstore and UW Shop Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
(Open Saturdays, September 2 to June 1, except Easter and Victoria Day weekends)
Extended hours will be posted at the beginning of each term.
General Inquiries, ext. 2902
Textbook Information, ext. 3996
UW Shop, ext. 3914


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