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Child Care

There are four licensed child care facilities located on the University of Waterloo campus. On the north campus, just off Columbia Street, are the Hildegard Marsden Co-operative Day Nursery and the Klemmer Farmhouse Co-operative Nursery.

The Marsden centre offers professional services for infants (from 3-18 months), toddlers (from 18-33 months), pre-schoolers (two to five years), and for children at summer Day Camp and on PD days. Sixteen fully qualified staff members operate this year-round facility. Fees vary according to the child's age. For more information, call ext. 5437.

The Klemmer Farmhouse offers professional full and half-day programs for five children from 18 to 30 months and 23 children from two to six years of age. Four Early Childhood Education staff members and a full-time cook operate this year-round nursery with the co-operative assistance of parents. Fees vary depending upon age and the time a child spends at Klemmer. For more information, call 885-5181.

On the south campus, just off University Avenue, is a child care facility known as the Paintin' Place Co-operative Day Care in the Married Students' Apartments complex. It too offers full- and half-day programs for children two- to five-years-old developed and taught by Early Childhood Education specialists. Fees vary according to the amount of time a child spends at Paintin' Place. For more information, call ext. 4030.

The Early Childhood Education Centre is located on campus on the ground floor of the PAS Building. The Centre offers Nursery School programs to children ages 2-1/2 to 5 years of age. Children may attend either morning or afternoon sessions. The Centre is operated by the Psychology Department as a research facility for students and faculty in the department. Fees vary according to the number of days a child is in attendance (2, 3, 4 or 5 half days are offered). Teachers all hold degrees plus ECE certification. Note: This is not a day care facility and does not meet the needs of families requiring daily child care. Children attend 2-1/2 hours per session. For further information, call ext. 3167.


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