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Conrad Grebel College

Conrad Grebel College provides, under the sponsorship of the Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada, residential, teaching, research and community education programs from a Christian perspective. The residence accommodates 113 students in a congenial atmosphere which emphasizes interpersonal relationships and community responsibility. College-sponsored extra-curricular programs in music, sports and the chapel are designed to complement the academic lives of students. The chapel program is central to the religious life of the College. Students from all backgrounds and world-views are welcome, subject to their willingness to abide by the College's values. An Associate Student program allows University of Waterloo students to engage in the life of the Grebel community while living outside the residence. Application forms for both the residence and associate programs are available from the College.

Conrad Grebel College offers courses in Interdisciplinary Arts, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Sociology, Peace and Conflict Studies and Music. The Peace and Conflict Studies and Music programs are administered by the College. All courses and programs are fully integrated into the University curriculum and are available to all students of the University. Students register for Conrad Grebel College courses through the University of Waterloo or through Renison or St. Jerome's Colleges.