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Discrimination, Harassment, Ethical Behaviour, Human Rights

The University of Waterloo desires to create an environment which supports, nurtures, and rewards its members on the basis of such relevant factors as work performance and achievement. Discrimination, harassment, and the abuse of supervisory authority are not conducive to this environment and will not be tolerated. The Co-ordinator for Ethical Behaviour and Human Rights is available as a resource to all members of the University community in matters pertaining to ethical and human rights issues. The Co-ordinator is located in the Math and Computer Building, Room 4048, ext. 3765. For situations involving sexual harassment, a Sexual Harassment Counsellor, available through Counselling Services, can provide students with information and confidential advice.

Alternative personnel include: Counselling Services, Health Services, the Safety Office, the Ombudsperson, and the Co-ordinator for Persons with Disabilities.