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University Jurisdiction

The University exercises its statutory jurisdiction and authority with respect to the operation, protection and control of its property and plant and the regulation of persons on campus insofar as is necessary to ensure the orderly performance of the University's functions. In certain situations, the authority of the University may be exercised with respect to the behaviour of members of the University community while off campus if such behaviour is found to be in conflict with the policies, procedures and practices of the University. The University reserves the right to refuse admission or re-admission to any candidate or to require a student to withdraw when, in the opinion of University officials, a student poses a danger to the University community.

In addition it should be recognized that all members of the University community, as members of society at-large, are subject to the law (federal, provincial and municipal) with respect to their actions, whether those actions occur on or off campus.

An extension of these provisions concerns student conduct while participating in University-sponsored off-campus activities. In this regard, students are expected: to abide by the policies, procedures and practices of the University; and, to abide by reasonable instructions, given orally or in writing, by any official of the University authorized to secure compliance with policies, procedures and practices, provided that the official is identified and is acting in an official capacity.


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