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This program was developed by the Planning Alumni Association, Pragma Council and members of the School of Planning. A prominent planner or planning-related professional is appointed to spend one term each year emphasizing the practical partnership of theory and practice in undergraduate and graduate classes. The Planner-in-Residence also participates in field trips, research activity of faculty and students and acts as a resource person for all members of the Planning School. Past Planners-in-Residence have been Ray Spaxman of British Columbia (1990) and John Sweeney of Ontario (1991). In the Fall term (1992) J. Gardner Church was the Pragma Planner-in-Residence and during the Winter term (1993) Henry E. Stewart was in the School as the Alumni Planner-in-Residence. J. Gardner Church (Deputy Minister on leave from the Ontario Provincial Government) held, for the second time, the position of Planner-in-Residence for the Fall term (1993).