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Renison College

Renison is the Anglican college on the University of Waterloo campus. Affiliated with the University, it registers students in programs of the Faculty of Arts, including its own Social Development Studies program. Renison also offers two Certificate programs; one in General Social Work and the other focusing on Child Abuse issues.

The College offers courses in Social Work, Psychology, Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Science for its Social Development Studies program. This multi-disciplinary Major is designed for students interested in such helping professions as social work, teaching, theology and law. Students who complete the requirements receive the BA of the University. The program may be supplemented with the Diploma in Social Work to give students some supervised practical experience in local social service agencies.

In addition to those for Social Development Studies, the College offers courses in East Asian Culture, Chinese, English, Fine Arts, History, Japanese, Korean and Religious Studies. Renison College faculty members and courses are indicated by an "R" in this Calendar.

Renison residences accommodate 75 men and 97 women. Its students enjoy the sense of community and support that a small college can provide as well as all of the advantages of a major university.