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Policy on Research with Human Participants

The University of Waterloo requires that all research conducted by its faculty, staff and students which involves humans as research participants must be reviewed by the Co-ordinator of the Office of Human Research (OHR) for ethical acceptability, legal liability and medical advisability. Advisory to the Co-ordinator is the Committee on Research Involving Human Participants. The review process ensures that the research conforms to the requirements outlined in the OHR Guidelines for Research with Human Participants (Guidelines), and that the safety rights and welfare of the participants are adequately protected. The Guidelines provide information to University of Waterloo researchers about ethical issues and procedures which should be of concern to them when planning research with human participants (for example, confidentiality, risks and benefits, free and informed consent, etc.).

A definition of human research, as well as complete details about the application and review procedures are presented in the Guidelines. Copies of this document and application information are available through the OHR. In addition, the Co-ordinator is available to provide advice and can be reached at ext. 6005 (Needles Hall, Room 3015).


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