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St. Paul's United College

St. Paul's United College is a teaching and residential community of 149 men and women.

The College is the site for two UW Interdisciplinary Options. The Canadian Studies Option allows students to gain expertise in the social, cultural, economic, geographic, and political aspects of Canadian life. Studies in Personality and Religion enables students to understand the relationship between religion and personal growth as they relate to the dynamics of human development.

The College also sponsors the University's Department of Religious Studies with the other colleges on the campus and the Faculty of Arts. Religious Studies courses are available for academic credit to any student enrolled in the University.

St. Paul's seeks to integrate its academic life with life in the residence. One section of the residence is designated "The French Residence", and offers English-speaking students who have achieved some competence in French an opportunity to further develop their skills. This program is offered in co-operation with the French Department.

Resident life in the College provides a valuable contribution to a student's university experience. Through a program of athletics, community dinners, and interest groups, students are able to involve themselves with various projects and issues related to the University, the church, personal life and society. Residents and Associates of St. Paul's participate in a vital and enriching community.