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Teaching Resources Office

The Teaching Resources Office (TRO) of the University of Waterloo was established in 1976, following the recommendation to the Undergraduate Council of Senate by the Vice-President Academic "that the University appoint a person to act as a teaching consultant to the Faculties." Terms of reference for the Teaching Resource Person include providing assistance to individual faculty members in improving their teaching performance, offering assistance to departments on teaching methods and evaluation of learning (including advice on the training of teaching assistants), and keeping the University community informed about developments and innovations relevant to teaching and learning in higher education. The Office also co-ordinates the University's Distinguished Teacher Award Program (information about this program is presented below). In 1985 the TRO became part of the Teaching Resources and Continuing Education Office (TRACE) which also has advisory responsibility for the University's continuing education offerings, part-time studies, and the distance education program. The Office is located in the Math and Computer building, Room 4055 (ext. 3132). A library of computer-catalogued resource materials on teaching is maintained by the TRACE Office.