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Cross-Registration with Wilfrid Laurier University

Cross-registration procedures have been developed to enable full-time students to take advantage of courses available at both the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Both universities conduct pre-registration as part of the timetabling process for their own students who plan to return in the next academic year or term. Courses given at the other university as integral parts of specified academic programs or options may be chosen routinely during pre-registration. Requests to cross-register in other courses must be submitted on a special form. All cross-registration requests are subject to approval of the student's academic advisor and availability of space in the course. Normally approval will not be given to requests where the equivalent course is available at the home university.

Students must pay all fees at their home university regardless of the number of courses taken by Cross-registration. The basic academic regulations, prerequisites for courses, and grading systems of the host university will be applicable. Grades are reported to the student's home university based on the grading system of the host university and are combined with the results of the student's other courses to complete the examination report. A student's overall academic standing is determined solely by the home university.

Regulations concerning the dates for adding or dropping a course as well as petitions for cross-registered courses are governed by the student's home institution. Students should be careful to note the examination schedules of each university as they may not coincide.

For further details, contact the Registrar's Office.


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