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Glossary of Terms

Academic Program

A series of courses, a number of which may be mandatory and of a specialized nature, leading toward a particular degree. Details of the several types of programs offered such as Honours, General, Preprofessional, Professional are given in the Calendar.


Courses with significant overlap. Degree credit cannot be obtained for both the antirequisites and the course(s) naming it as such.


A course required to be taken concurrently with, or passed prior to registration in, another course which lists it as a corequisite.


A course required to be passed prior to registration in another course which lists it as a prerequisite. ("Consent of instructor" is sometimes listed as an alternative to or in addition to a prerequisite.)


A unit of study relating to a specific academic discipline, and identified by a course name and number.


A unit of an academic program earned toward a degree by successful completion of acourse. A credit weight of 0.5 is normally assigned to a one-term course. Credit weights are used in the calculation of averages for academic standing. Most courses have credit weights of 0.5, but some have weights such as 0.25, 1.0, 2.0. Further explanation is on "Grading System".

Cross-Listed Courses

Courses which are listed under two departments and which can be taken for credit from either department, but not both.


An arrangement between the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University which enables students of either University to take courses at the other institution; the purpose is to provide access to courses which are not offered at a student's home institution.


A course not specifically required for a degree but counting towards it, to be chosen freely by the student either from within a specified group of courses or more broadly from coursed offered anywhere across the University.

Letter of Permission

A document permitting a student to take specified courses at another university to be considered for credit toward a particular University of Waterloo degree.


The area(s) of academic emphasis selected in either an Honours or a General program. Details of course and average requirements are given in academic program sections of the Calendar.


A group of approved courses taken by a student in an Honours or a four-year General program in a subject outside the "major" area. Details of course and average requirements are given in academic program sections of the Calendar.


A specified combination or grouping of courses which provides a secondary emphasis in certain programs. The emphasis may be in another academic subject, as in Honours Chemistry (Environmental Studies Option), or in a career-oriented area, such as Honours Mathematics (Business Administration Option), or Honours French (Teaching Option).


Supervised placement time in a work setting exercising practical routines and techniques related to a particular academic program or option.


The process of selecting courses prior to registration, having them approved by a faculty advisor and recorded with the Registrar's Office.

Priority Enrolment

For courses designated as "priority enrolment", preference in scheduling is given to students who require such courses to satisfy specific degree requirements.

Registered Student

A student is considered to be registered if the student's selection of courses has been approved by a Faculty Advisor and the student has made the appropriate arrangements with the University to pay the required fees.


A particular four-month period of academic registration: Fall term - September to December; Winter term - January to April; Spring term - May to August. Also used with reference to work terms for students in the Co-operative system of study.

Full-Time Student

A student is considered a full-time student when her/his course load reaches or exceeds 1.50 credits in a four-month term. Full-time students are assessed applicable co-operative and incidental fees if their on-campus course load reaches or exceeds 1.50 credits in a four-month term.

Part-Time Student

A student is considered a part-time student when her/his course load is less than 1.50 credits in a four-month term.


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