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The Undergraduate Calendar

The Undergraduate Calendar is published once a year by the Office of the Registrar. The Calendar provides official information about academic courses and programs and related policies and regulations for students and applicants, as well as general information about the University.

The Calendar is arranged in chapters which fall into five divisions. The first division describes the various services offered by the University. The second division outlines the undergraduate programs and the third division describes the courses offered in these programs. The fourth division of the Calendar lists the University faculty and the fifth division lists the membership of the governing bodies of the University and the officers of the various administrative units.

Course description information in the Undergraduate calendar is accurate as to intention at the time of publication. However, actual course content and the hours/type ofJinstruction may vary somewhat from that listed. Furthermore, circumstances may warrant changes to the term(s) when courses are made available. To be assured of complete information for registration, students must also consult the detailed Course Offerings List published separately for each academic term, and any other information distributed by their Faculty/Department, before arranging their programs of study.

Information on tuition and other fees applies, except as may otherwise be indicated, to the 1995-1996 fiscal year of the University which commences May 1, 1995. Information relating to academic course and program regulations is that for the Fall/Winter/Spring academic cycle which commences in September 1995. Detailed information is provided in the relevant chapters of the Calendar.

Academic regulations listed in this Calendar apply to those students admitted or re-admitted to the University from September 1995 onward. Under normal circumstances students are governed by the academic regulations in place for their program at the time they commence studies until graduation or withdrawal.

Inquiries as to the interpretation of the contents of the Calendar may be directed to the Registrar.

The University of Waterloo also publishes the following calendars and brochures:
Undergraduate Admissions Handbook
Graduate Studies Calendar
Distance Education Calendar
Part-Time Studies Calendar
Financing Your University Education

and booklets on the following:
*Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
*Faculty of Arts and the Colleges of Waterloo
*Faculty of Engineering
*Faculty of Environmental Studies
*Faculty of Mathematics
*Faculty of Science
*Independent Studies Program

*These appear in the WATBOX, which is distributed to Ontario secondary school guidance offices.

The University reserves the right to require a student to withdraw from a course or courses for academic or other reasons.

The Senate and Board of Governors of the University of Waterloo reserve the right to invoke changes in this Calendar without prior notice.


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