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Doreen Brisbin Award

An award will be presented annually to a female student entering Year Four of an Honours program in which women are currently under represented. Eligibility will be based on academic standing and demonstration of a sincere interest in and commitment to the area of study in which the student is enrolled. Interested third-year female students should apply by April 30 each year.

C.U.P.E. Local 793 Award

This award(s) is given annually to a student who is either a Union employee, a spouse of a Union employee or a child or grandchild of a Union employee and who is involved in and contributes to community activities, has achieved a B average and may have demonstrated financial need. Applicants should complete and submit the special application form for this award and the "Union Award Validation Form" (available from the Union Local Office, GSC 120) to the Student Awards Office by the end of the first month of registration for each term.

Andrew James Dugan Memorial Award

This award, established in the memory of Andrew James Dugan, is presented to a student who has completed the third year of the University of Waterloo/Conestoga College Print Journalism Option on the basis of strong academic record and financial need. Applications are made to the University of Waterloo/ Conestoga College Print Journalism Option Academic Board.

Governor General's Academic Medal

The Governor General of Canada provides one silver medal annually to the undergraduate student graduating with the highest academic standing.

Don Hayes Memorial Award

This award is given annually to a deserving undergraduate student who has a minimum B average and has made a contribution to the University or community through involvement in extracurricular activities with emphasis on athletics or the sports therapist function. Letters of recommendation and the special application should be forwarded to the Student Awards Office by January 31 each year.

*Husky Injection Molding Systems Scholarship

One scholarship, with a total value of tuition, Co-op fees and incidental fees for one academic year, is awarded to an outstanding Co-op student entering Year Two, Three or Four who has worked for Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. for at least one work-term.

Leeds-Waterloo Student Exchange Program Award

This award of $600 is available to students from the University of Waterloo in any faculty that have been approved for the Leeds-Waterloo Student Exchange Program. The record of marks and resume that accompany the application for the Leeds-Waterloo Student Exchange Program are considered part of this award application. In addition, candidates must write a 250 word essay describing their extracurricular activities and reasons for going to Leeds. In general, candidates of good academic standing with abilities in other areas are encouraged to apply. Once the award is made, the successful candidate must participate in the Leeds-Waterloo Student Exchange Program, otherwise the award is forfeit.

James D. Leslie Prize

This $500 prize was established to recognize the contribution of Professor J.D. Leslie, the first Director of the Distance Education Program. It is awarded to the graduating student with the highest average who has completed at least 50% of his or her credits through the University of Waterloo Distance Education Program.

Mike Moser Memorial Fund

Awards are provided to deserving third- and fourth-year students who have financial need, a good academic record, and who have achieved a high level of accomplishment in extracurricular activities. A special application available from the Student Awards Office plus a resume and letters of reference should be directed to Neil Widmeyer, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences by mid January.

NSERC Undergraduate Research Award tenable at the University of Waterloo

University undergraduate student research awards are intended to stimulate the interest of undergraduate students in research by providing them with valuable experience in a university laboratory, and to encourage these students to undertake graduate studies. These awards are valued at $800 per month for 3 or 4 months. Applications and information are available from the University Graduate Office or from the Department Chair. G.S.O. Deadline: January 9.

University of Waterloo Alumni Gold Medals

University of Waterloo Alumni provide a maximum of six gold medals annually to be awarded in recognition of academic excellence. Each medal will be awarded on the recommendation of the Dean of a Faculty. The medals may be awarded, at either the Spring or Fall Convocation, as follows: one each to a student in each of the six Faculties of the University who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance on completion of an undergraduate degree program.

University of Waterloo Staff Association Award

The University of Waterloo Staff Association has made available three awards valued at $400 each. These awards are provided to deserving full- or part-time undergraduate students in a degree program at the University of Waterloo in each of the Winter, Spring and Fall terms. A recipient must be a current member of the University of Waterloo Staff Association or be the child, spouse, grandchild or dependent of a current Staff Association member. The recipient must have good academic standing and will have demonstrated involvement with volunteer organization(s) and/or extracurricular activities. Financial need may be considered in the selection process. Applications are available from the Staff Association Office, DC.

Douglas T. Wright Award

This award, valued at one term tuition, has been established by members of the university community to honour Douglas T. Wright upon his retirement as President of the University and to recognize his contribution to the University's international reputation. All full-time, undergraduate students who have participated in a University of Waterloo Co-op international work placement may apply. Candidates, during the foreign experience, will have distinguished themselves in their Co-op work-term placement and may have demonstrated leadership qualities as indicated through extracurricular activities. Second-, third- or fourth-year students will apply in the term they return to full-time study at the University of Waterloo. Application deadline is October 15 each year.

Tom York Memorial Award

The Tom York Memorial Award was established in memory of Dr. Thomas L. York (1940-88), writer, scholar, adventurer, and pastor, who served the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University as Chaplain from 1985 until his death. The award will be given for short fiction, not essays. Undergraduate or graduate students in any faculty, program or year, full- or part-time, may apply for this award by sending an item of prose unpublished, to TYMA Selection Committee, St. Paul's United College, Westmount Road, North, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G5. Application deadline is December 31 each year.

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