Undergraduate Calendar 1998-1999

University of Waterloo
F I N E   A N D   P E R F O R M I N G   A R T S 

This Option highlights a number of general interest courses in Dance, Drama, Fine Arts, and Music, and allows students to gain theoretical and applied experience in the Fine and Performing Arts.
The Fine and Performing Arts Option is open to students in all University of Waterloo undergraduate programs and may be taken in conjunction with an Honours or General degree. Requirements: the successful completion of ten term courses with a cumulative average of at least 65%. Students will normally select a minimum of two courses from each of Dance, Drama, Fine Arts, and Music, with at least four courses at the 200-level or above. Students whose major field of study is Drama, Fine Arts, or Music, may count a maximum of two courses in that discipline toward the Option, subject to approval by the home department, with the remaining courses to be selected from the other disciplines listed in A. to C. below.
Students are encouraged to select courses in consultation with the Option Director. The courses include:

A. Core Courses
(a minimum of four term courses, one from each of Dance, Drama, Fine Arts, and Music):
DANCE 110 Introduction to Dance*
DANCE 111 Elements of Dance*
DRAMA 101A Introduction to Theatre 1
DRAMA 102 Introduction to Acting*
FINE 110 Introduction Art History 1
FINE 120 Fundamentals of Visual Art 1
FINE 250 History of Film 1
MUSIC 100 Introduction to Music*
MUSIC 111 Fundamentals of Music Theory+
or MUSIC 270 Music Theory 1 *+
MUSIC 140 Popular Music and Culture
MUSIC 240 Introduction to Jazz
MUSIC 245 World Music
MUSIC 334 Women and Music

B. Approved Courses (a maximum of six term courses):
DANCE 232 Survey of Dance History
DANCE 234 Women in Dance
DANCE 241 Benesh Notation 1
DANCE 242 Labanotation 1
DANCE 333 Canadian Perspectives on Theatre Dance
DANCE 371 Issues in Dance and Society
DANCE 474 Directed Studies on Special Topics
DRAMA 101B Introduction to the Theatre 2
DRAMA 318 Musical Theatre
DRAMA 331 Design for the Theatre 1*
DRAMA 332 Design for the Theatre 2*
DRAMA 348 Cultural Management 1
DRAMA 349 Cultural Management 2
DRAMA 350 Cultural Management 3
DRAMA 490B Stage Combat*
FINE 112 Introduction to Modern Art~
FINE 121 Fundamentals of Visual Art 2*
FINE 210 Art, 1780-1875
FINE 219 Canadian Art
FINE 223A Clay Studies~
FINE 226A Introduction to Printmaking A~
FINE 228D Electronic Imaging A~
FINE 228E Photography for Artists~
FINE 251 History of Film 2
FINE 319 Contemporary Art
FINE 330 Fine Arts Exhibition Curatorship
FINE 350 French Film After 1945
FINE 351 Central and East European Film
FINE 352 The Cinema of Science Fiction
FINE 353 Contemporary Italian Film
FINE 360 Film and Television 1
FINE 361 Film and Television 2
MUSIC 222 Conducting 1*
MUSIC 260 The Symphony

Studio Courses** to a maximum of four courses @ .25 credit, subject to approval by home department. Note that two of the following studio courses @ .25 credits each equal one term course @ .5 credit:
DANCE 101 Ballet 1A
DANCE 102 Ballet 1B
DANCE 103 Modern Dance 1A
DANCE 104 Modern Dance 1B
DANCE 201 Ballet 2A
DANCE 202 Ballet 2B
DANCE 203 Modern Dance 2A
DANCE 204 Modern Dance 2B
DANCE 301 Ballet 3A
DANCE 302 Ballet 3B
DANCE 303 Modern Dance 3A
DANCE 304 Modern Dance 3B
DANCE 401 Ballet 4A
DANCE 402 Ballet 4B
DANCE 403 Modern Dance 4A
DANCE 404 Modern Dance 4B
MUSIC 116 Music Ensemble
MUSIC 117 Music Ensemble
MUSIC 216 Music Ensemble
MUSIC 217 Music Ensemble
MUSIC 316 Music Ensemble
MUSIC 317 Music Ensemble

C. Related Courses (a maximum of two term courses):
Other courses in Dance, Drama, Fine Arts, Music, or a related area such as Architecture or Recreation, may be taken with the approval of the Option Director, to a total of ten CORE, APPROVED and RELATED courses. Knowledge of languages and literature is relevant to this option.
*These courses involve studio work.
~These courses may require prerequisites or consent of the instructor. Consult the Calendar for admission information.
**Consult the Calendar for admission information. Students are advised to check with their home department regarding the acceptability of studio courses for credit and the total maximum number allowed.

Further information
For further information please contact:
DANCE: Rhonda Ryman, Option Director, BMH 2203, ext. 2748.
DRAMA: William Chesney, Undergraduate Officer, Drama, ML 125, ext. 3685.
FINE ARTS: Bruce Taylor, Undergraduate Officer, Fine Arts, ECH 1215, ext. 5358.
MUSIC: Carol Ann Weaver, Undergraduate Officer, Music, Conrad Grebel College, 885-0220, ext. 245.


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