Undergraduate Calendar 1998-1999

University of Waterloo
F E D E R A T I O N   O F   S T U D E N T S 

The Federation of Students' role is to provide services and representation for undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. All full-time undergraduate students are members of the Federation and may seek positions within its structure. The Charter of the Federation of Students, which guarantees certain rights and privileges to students, was approved by the Board of Governors of the University and then by the Provincial Secretary on April 27, 1967.


The principal "Objectives" of the Federation are:

To promote the welfare and common interests of the students of the University of Waterloo.
To act as the representative of the students.
To promote and maintain responsible student government.
To promote and co-ordinate student participation in athletics, cultural and social activities.
To promote and maintain communications between the student body and the duly elected and appointed authorities of the University of Waterloo.

The Students' Council is the governing body of the Federation and includes 32 elected students from all Faculties, St. Jerome's and Renison Colleges plus all Executive members. The functions of Council include upholding the above objectives, administration and control of finances and control of all Commissions, Committees and Standing Committees of Council. All activities are overseen by Council so make sure that your Faculty representatives attend Council meetings.

The Executive is composed of the principal officers including the President, Vice-President Administration and Finance, the Vice-President Education, the Vice-President Internal, and the Vice-President Student Issues. The Executive controls day-to-day administration, and recommends policy to the Students' Council.

The President is the Chief Executive Officer and spokesperson of the Corporation and as such oversees all of the Federation's activities. The President is also the Federation's representative on the University Senate and the University Board of Governors.

The Vice-President Administration and Finance is the Treasurer of the Corporation and works with the General Manager to oversee and formulate the Federation Budget and the Federation's businesses. The Vice-President supervises all purchasing and business development.

The Vice-President Internal is the Secretary of the Corporation and provides an informational link between Students' Council and Faculty Student Societies, Residence Councils, and the Federated and Affiliated Colleges. This position is also the administrator of the Federation of Students' clubs.

The Vice-President Education works with people and organizations both internal and external to the University to keep post-secondary education financially accessible and bettering the quality of education. This position works with Provincial and/or National lobbying organizations, encourages the evaluation of academic policies and procedures to promote and reflect academic excellence and standards essential to the integrity of the University of Waterloo's scholastic activities. Also responsible for the Students Advising Co-op Commission.

The Vice-President Student Issues promotes dialogue about gender issues, human rights issues, health issues and public issues; ensures that the University of Waterloo provides an environment wherein its members can pursue personal and social growth as well as academic excellence; enriches the learning environment through extra-curricular programs and the provision of alternative learning situations; and establishes contacts and co-ordinates activities between related University services and groups.

Other Federation Services include Academic Rights Advisors, BACCHUS (Boosting Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students), Food Bank, GLLOW (The Gay and Lesbian Liberation of Waterloo), Legal Resource Office/Landlord Tenant Information Office, PALS Phoneline, PALS Off-Campus Dons, Safety Van, Student Volunteer Centre, the Women's Centre and access to a non-pay phone (for local calls only).

Federation Businesses include Copy Plus -- a Word Processing, Résumé and Graphics Service, Variety Store and Post Office, Used Bookstore, the Bombshelter Pub and Patio, Federation Hall, and Scoops Ice Cream.

Persons wishing information on any aspect of Federation activities are advised to write to the Federation of Students, Student Life Centre or telephone 888-4042.

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