Undergraduate Calendar 1999-2000

University of Waterloo
D I S T I N G U I S H E D   P R O F E S S O R S   E M E R I T I 

    Date Granted
Albert H. Heatley, BASc, MA, PhD[deceased] Chemical Engineering Spring 1967
Paul Seligman, BA, PhD[deceased] Philosophy October 1974
H.B. Noel Hynes, BSc, PhD, DSc, ARCS, FRSC Biology October 1982
George R. Hibbard, BA, MA, DLitt[deceased] Biology April 1985
William T. Tutte, BA, MA, PhD, DMath, FRS, FRSC Combinatorics and Optimization June 1985
William B. Pearson, DFC, MA, DSc, FRSC, FCIC Chemistry, Physics February 1986
Edward J. Fisher, BA, MA, DSc, FAAO Optometry June 1986
W.A.E. (Pete) McBryde, BA, MA, PhD, FCIC Chemistry July 1986
Jerzy T. Pindera, MASc, DApplSc, Dr habil, PEng , Civil Engineering April 1987
Horst H.E. Leipholz, Dipl. Eng., Dr. Ing., Deng, Docent Habil [deceased] Civil Engineering July 1987
J. William Dyck, AB, MA, PhD Germanic and Slavic January 1988
Frank W. Karasek, BS, PhD, FCIC Chemistry August 1988
Harold J. Fallding, BA, BSc, MA, PhD, FRSC Sociology February 1989
William M. Lyle, OD, MS, PhD, FAAO Optometry October 1989
Park M. Reilly, BASc, DIC, PhD, PEng, FCIC Chemical Engineering October 1989
Alfred Rudin, BSc, PhD, PEng Chemistry February 1991
Vidyadhar P. Godambe, BA, MSc, PhD Statistics and Actuarial Science July 1991
Leonard O. Gertler, BA, MA, FCIP Urban and Regional Planning October 1991
Donald S. Scott, BSc, MSc,PhD, PEng Chemical Engineering February 1992
Shao-Fu Wang, BE, PhD, DSc Physics February 1992
Hiremanglur K. Kesavan, BSc, BE, MS, PhD, PEng Systems Design Engineering April 1992
Niels C. Lind, MSc, PhD, PEng, FRSC, FCAE Civil Engineering April 1992
Ronald A. Aziz, BA, MA, PhD Physics February 1993
Ralph R. Krueger, BA, MA, PhD Geography February 1993
Nancy-Lou Patterson, BA, DLitt Fine Arts February 1993
W. Keith Thomas, BA, MA, PhD English February 1993
János D. Aczél, BA, MA, PhD, Habil DSc, FRSC Pure Mathematics October 1993
William F. Forbes, BSc, PhD, DSc, DIC, ARCS Gerontology October 1993
Peter H.J. Nash, AA, BA, CE, MA, MCP, MPA, PhD Geography October 1993
Douglas P. Crowne, BA, EdM, PhD Psychology February 1994
Walter R. Martin, BA, MA, DLitt et Phil English February 1994
John A. Schey, Dipl Ing, CSc, Dr. Ing. h.c., FASM, FSME, PEng Mechanical Engineering February 1994
Terence H. Qualter, BA, PhD Political Science April 1994
Robert N. Farvolden, BSc, MSc, PhD[deceased] Earth Sciences June 1994
Lawrence A. Cummings, AB, AM, PhD Architecture September 1994
Erwin B. Dumbroff, BSc, MSc, BEd, PhD Biology February 1995
W. Bryce Kendrick, BSc, PhD, DSc, FRSC Biology February 1995
Melvin J. Lerner, BA, MA, PhD Psychology February 1995
Warren U. Ober, BA, PhD English February 1995
David A. Winter, BSc, MSc, PhD Kinesiology February 1995
E. Heier, BA, MA, PhD Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literatures April 1995
B. Suits, BA, MA, PhD Philosophy April 1995
T. Viswanatha, MSc, PhD Chemistry October 1995
D.E. Brodie, BSc, MSc, PhD Physics April 1996
J.W. Graham, BA, MA Computer Science April 1996
L.L. Haworth, BA, MA, PhD, FRSC Philosophy April 1996
Mircea Z. Cohn, CSc, PEng Civil Engineering June 1996
Kenneth O'Driscoll, BChE, MA, PhD Chemical Engineering & Chemistry June 1996
John Brzozowski, BASc, MASc, MA, PhD Computer Science September 1996
Ron Mullin, BA, MA, PhD Combinatorics and Optimization September 1996
David A. Sprott, BA, MA, PhD Statistics and Actuarial Science September 1996
Roger G.H. Downer, BSc, MSc, PhD, DSc Biology November 1996
John R. Hanna, BComm, MBA, PhD, CA, FA School of Accountancy November 1996
William P. Scott, BComm, MBA, PhD, CA, FA School of Accountancy November 1996
Ian F. Blake, BASc, MASc, MA, PhD, PEng, Fellow IEEE Electrical and Computer Engineering January 1997
Jiri Cizek, RNDr, CSc, DSc, FRSC Applied Mathematics; Chemistry January 1997
Dorothy E.A. Counts, BA, MA, PhD Anthropology January 1997
Koncay Huseyin, MSc, PhD, DSc, PEng, FCSME Systems Design Engineering January 1997
Hugh W. Kerr, BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng Mechanical Engineering January 1997
George D. Raithby, BESc, MESc, PhD, PEng Mechanical Engineering January 1997
Herbert M. Lefcourt, BA, MA, PhD Psychology April 1997
Donald Meichenbaum, BA, MA, PhD Psychology April 1997
Richard E. Preston, BA, MA, PhD Geography April 1997
Muriel D. Vogel-Sprott, BA, MA, PhD Psychology April 1997
George R. Francis, BA, BA, MA, PhD Environment and Resource Studies June 1997
Ralph Haas, BSc, MSc, PhD Civil Engineering June 1997
Bruce G. Hutchinson, BE, MSc, PhD Civil Engineering June 1997
Archibald (Archie) N. Sherbourne, BSc, BS, MS, MA, PhD, DSc Civil Engineering June 1997
Timothy H. Topper, BASc, PhD Civil Engineering June 1997
J. Gordon Nelson, BA, MA, PhD Geography June 1998


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