BET 600s

BET 600 Applied Business Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs (0.50) SEMCourse ID: 013080
The course provides students with the opportunity to develop a range of soft skills and the business acumen necessary to maximize the likelihood of success in an entrepreneurial environment. Topics include communication and interpersonal skills, leadership, and negotiation skills. A range of applied approaches are used, including integrated cases, simulations, and interaction with the local business community. Most activities are team based.
Prerequisite: MBET students only

BET 601 Strategically Managing the Entrepreneurial Organization (0.50) LECCourse ID: 011687
Strategy development and implementation are examined as a means to guide decisions at each stage of the innovation and commercialization process. Insight is gained into the strategic issues faced by new ventures as they progress from seed/concept through market execution stages. Strategic analysis techniques are used to identify and analyse issues and as input into the design of the business concept and business model. The organizational structures, processes and policies used to build and maintain an entrepreneurial culture are key topics for the market execution stage.
Prerequisite: MBET students only

BET 602 Marketing Strategies for New Technology-based Ventures (0.50) LECCourse ID: 011688
Market-based management practices and the key relationships that enable businesses to attract, satisfy and retain customers, and grow their profits are examined. The contribution of marketing strategy to the creation of value for both customers and shareholders is emphasized. Particular attention is paid to the unique contexts of marketing knowledge-intensive products and services, new and rapidly growing markets, business markets, and investor relations. Familiarity is developed with the marketing activities typical for each stage of the commercialization process.
Prerequisite: MBET students only

BET 603 Entrepreneurial Finance for the Technology-based Enterprise (0.50) LECCourse ID: 011689
Financial planning and decision-making skills are essential for effective management of new ventures operating in environments characterized by risk and uncertainty. Development of pro forma financial statements and techniques for financial decision-making under uncertainty are explored. Principles that guide the financing of new venture are presented, including considerations of capital structure, management of working capital, asset financing and forms of private and public equity. The requirements of the venture capital due diligence process, negotiating with VC's, business valuation and exit alternatives are discussed.
Prerequisite: MBET students only

BET 604 New Technology-based Venture Creation (0.50) LECCourse ID: 011690
This course develops the theoretical understanding and practical skills necessary to develop a new technology-based business concept into viable start-up. This is done within a mentored, self-paced environment consisting of workshops, seminars, and significant project-based work outside of regular class hours.
Prerequisite: MBET students only

BET 605 Essential Accounting for Entrepreneurs (0.50) LECCourse ID: 011691
Examines the role of accounting information in assisting entrepreneurs. By analysing and presenting financial statements of local technology companies, students develop proficiencies in understanding and interpreting financial statement information. Attention is also directed to the role played by management accounting information played in supporting key start-up decisions, value-creating organization strategies, operational tactics and performance measurement.
Prerequisite: MBET students only

BET 607 Managing Technological Innovation (0.50) LECCourse ID: 011693
Management of technological innovation requires an understanding of the interaction of technology with all aspects of the organization to build and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. The focus of this course is the creation of new products and services from concept through to launch. Evaluating new technologies, product development and deployment strategies are key topics.
Prerequisite: MBET students only

BET 608 Entrepreneurial Application of Technology (0.50) LECCourse ID: 011694
Business cases involving entrepreneurial successes and failures in applying technologies in innovative ways are evaluated. Examples of innovative applications of technology include a variety of Internet applications, wireless communication technologies, intelligent agents, data analysis and decision support technologies, graphical display and visioning applications, and other innovative applications. Key success factors and implementation requirements are identified and discussed. Approaches for assessing the technology base and capabilities of a firm and the skills and resources required to manage technology in a start-up are key topics.
Prerequisite: MBET students only

BET 620 Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility (0.50) LECCourse ID: 013081
Introduces students to the concepts of social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility from multidisciplinary perspectives. Participants are challenged to become leaders in shaping socially responsible businesses and building a civil society through examination of emerging theory and practice, analysis of cases and an applied project with a community-based organization.
Prerequisite: MBET students only

BET 700s

BET 700 Topics in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (0.50) RDGCourse ID: 013082
Instructor Consent Required
1 International Entrepreneurship