SUSM 600s

SUSM 601 Foundations for Sustainability Management (0.25) LECCourse ID: 014470
In this course the scientific foundations and fundamentals for sustainability management will be introduced. Basic theoretical, ethical, scientific, and technical foundations of sustainable development will be taught in addition to technical knowledge like statistical literacy and basic environmental knowledge.

SUSM 602 Theories and Concepts of Sustainability Management (0.50) LECCourse ID: 014471
In this course theories and concepts such as international sources of sustainability concepts, basic environmental and ecological economics, social and environmental justice, sustainable management and finance, uncertainty, complexity, risk and decision making in sustainability management, etc. will be introduced and discussed.

SUSM 603 Research Methods for Sustainable Management (0.50) LECCourse ID: 014472
This course will introduce quantitative and qualitative research methods such as statistical methods, case study analysis, life cycle assessment, survey methods, impact measurement, etc. Students will learn skills like risk assessment methods, sustainability measurement and reporting, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, literature review, ethical aspects of research and proposal writing.

SUSM 605 Thesis Development (0.25) SEMCourse ID: 014362
The goal of the course is to ensure that all students will have a completed thesis proposal by the end of term. Each student will make an oral presentation of their proposal to their committee members and other members of SEED. The course will include discussions about how best to frame good research questions, find sources, organize a thesis, conduct ethical research, and communicate results. Students will make regular class presentations throughout the term as their research proposal develops and thus gain skills in written, graphical oral presentation.

SUSM 620 Sustainable Operations (0.50) LECCourse ID: 014569
This course explores the foundations of operations management in the context of sustainability. Through the use of both peer-reviewed and practitioner articles, this course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts in the field of operations management while integrating emergent social and environmental issues. Theoretical and empirical exploration of core operations concepts such as supply chain management, process configuration, quality and process improvement, and lean systems will be undertaken. Once a strong foundational understanding of these core concepts is achieved, students will then explore the opportunities and threats posed by emergent social and environmental issues to organizations, and how those issues can be integrated into the strategy underlying operations and process management. Concepts such as eco-efficiency, sustainable supply chain management, environmental management systems (e.g., ISO 14000), and life cycle assessment will be explored.
Instructor Consent Required

SUSM 630 Marketing for Sustainability (0.50) LECCourse ID: 014568
Marketing for sustainability is a key component of a successful business strategy in todays marketplace. Through a business-to-consumer lens, this course uses the principles of marketing and social psychology to explore ways in which businesses can foster sustainable behaviour through the application of both green marketing and social marketing tools. The course introduces core tools for sustainability marketing including green marketing strategies, behaviour change theories and principles of community-based social marketing.
Instructor Consent Required

SUSM 640 Strategy for Sustainable Enterprises (0.50) LECCourse ID: 014601
This online course looks at organizational strategy through the "lens" of sustainability. It covers foundational strategic management theory in the context of sustainability strategies. Tools for formulating and implementing a sustainability strategic plan are presented. Case studies draw from different sectors and also different organizational types.
Instructor Consent Required

SUSM 650 Sustainable Finance (0.50) LECCourse ID: 014602
Financial and accounting "tools" have potential to create effective and far-reaching market-based solutions to address a range of sustainability management problems, including climate change, north-south relations, water issues and social change, while at the same time identifying and securing new business opportunities for companies, the financial sector and their customers. An increasing number of financial and accounting products and services have emerged to direct resources and lending power to mitigate environmental and/or encourage sustainable practices and decision-making. The course considers sustainable finance products, tools and services; sustainability accounting, and other approaches that foster sustainable development, such as full-cost accounting; relation of sustainability performance to capital market valuation and financial performance; socially responsible investing; sustainable lending, , impact investment, principles and codes.
Instructor Consent Required

SUSM 675 Reading Course (0.50) RDGCourse ID: 014603
Particular offerings may be initiated by a faculty member in consultation with interested students. In all cases instructor consent is required.
Instructor Consent Required